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Structural Design

Knee Plates

Knee Plate Test

Roof Cladding Test

Tie Down Anchor Pull Out Test

Cold-formed Steel Parallel Chord Truss

Steel Reinforcement

Sail Shade Model

Cold-formed Steel Portal Frame Shed

Double Span Cold-Formed Steel Shed

Cold-formed Steel Wall During Construction

Cold-formed Steel Shed With Parallel Chord Roof Trusses

Web Developers and SEO services

Yes you are spamming. If you are so good, then where are your web sites, and why don't your web sites show on the first page of a google search? Your email's basically suggest that web sites are of no value, and SEO is of no value, because if it was of value, then you...

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TechNote#300 Barriers

Barriers versus: Partitions, Walls, Doors, Windows, Balustrades, Guard Rails, Hand rails, Grab Rails Codes provide no real guidance regarding classification of a structure as a barrier or a wall. AS1170.1 specifies barrier loadings to the top edge of the barrier: this...

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Adelaide City of Churches

Given that Adelaide is known as the city of churches, I thought taking a look at the distance between churches would give a good indication of the requirements for a walk about city and governance. The reasoning being is that historically churches were generally the...

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