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Daily Challenge Day 67

Was going to write more about the breakdown of knowledge into hierarchies, but got involved investigating the structural properties of wood, in particular Canadian Redwood which isn't otherwise mentioned in the Australian Timber Structures code AS1720. Seems to have a...

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Daily Challenge Day 66

"Jack of all trades, master of none" Whilst the above phrase is typically taken negatively, an alternative view would be to consider that the "jack of all trades" is capable of recognising the false master. In the modern world it keeps becoming apparent that the...

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Daily Challenge Day 65

Todays reading on the London Grenfell Tower fire: Australia's use of cladding to be investigated by Senate committee following Grenfell fire Many are complaining that "green targets" are to blame for the Grenfell fire. They're wrong. I was thinking about how to get...

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Daily Challenge Day 64

So since the fire in London, been reading a few different articles on the matter. Also here in Australia, the TV news interviewed some representative of Engineers Australia who touted the view we should get our plans certified by a certified fire engineer. As may...

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Daily Challenge Day 63

Should have been posted yesterday [17/06/2017], but didn't happen due to computer problems. Started yesterday by writing a post on Blogger. Then I was going to make modifications to the website, then decided I would experiment with some changes on the local install...

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Daily Challenge Day 62

After writing last night's post about a problem with the shift key, I started wondering why I was using the shift key in the first place. Whilst the shift key is the default key to use in AutoCAD, the last place I worked on contract, they had reconfigured the keyboard...

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