MiScion Pty Ltd

Structural Design

Small family structural design and technical services business, comprising of father (Roy) and son (Conrad). The business was formed in 1994 and operated in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia, in particular in the Tea Tree Gully (TTG) area and surrounds, until 2014 when we moved everything to Maitland on the Yorke Peninsula. The trading name was solely Roy Harrison & Associates until 2009 when we registered the company name MiScion Pty Ltd: now the name alternates between the two.


Sheds, Barns and Shacks

For quick estimate of the size of c-section frame to use for a gable roof building used as either a shed, barn or holiday shack the following quick design aids are available. Frame Selection Charts for Cold-formed Steel Sheds Design Chart Cold-formed Steel Sheds Wind...

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Wind Speeds and Topography

The wind loading code is based on the flow of fluid parallel to a flat plate. The plate can have roughness, this roughness is measured by roughness length (z0), and converted to terrain category. Appendices to AS1170.2:1989 contained charts for surface roughness...

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