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Small family structural design and technical services business, comprising of father (Roy) and son (Conrad). The business was formed in 1994 and operated in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia, in particular in the Tea Tree Gully (TTG) area and surrounds, until 2014 when we moved everything to Maitland on the Yorke Peninsula. The trading name was solely Roy Harrison & Associates until 2009 when we registered the company name MiScion Pty Ltd: now the name alternates between the two.


State of Play 2018/wk34 – Heart Attack

Sunday night, 19th of August, apparently I had  a heart attack. Was transported from Maitland Hospital (SA), by relay of SA Ambulance and Royal Flying Doctor Service to Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)  on monday morning. Had  an angiogram and then a stent inserted, after which I got double vision. Spent most of week in RAH, […]

Building a Structural (Engineering) Design eWorkbook – Part 1

Introduction Actually from my viewpoint not engineering because: Engineering takes place at the frontiers of science and technology. It is a high risk activity, based on highly deficient knowledge, with uncertain outcomes. The thing we are concerned with here are established technologies, with an established body of technical knowledge, making planning, design and management based […]

State of Play 2018/wk28

VBScript Been converting VBScript files from vbs to wsf, so that can use common library files, thus reducing the size of the files: placed the revised wsf files on my sendto menu. Wrote VBScript for generating a series of folders based on calendar sorted into seasons, months, weeks and days, and parts of day: with […]

State of Play 2018/wk25

Experimented some more with php and css to create a new wordpress theme. As mentioned earlier Divi been giving me memory problems on each upgrade. I tried using Divi again yesterday (Tuesday), and I had to use phpmyadmin to change the theme as couldn’t get back to the wordpress dashboard. It maybe a plug-in conflict, […]

State of Play 2018/wk23

{state of play posts are a snapshot of activities started and/or completed by the point in time indicated. Thus not what was done in a week, but what was done between the current post and the last “state of play” post.} WordPress themes and Website Modifications Learning theme development (css/php) got put aside whilst worked on […]


Spreadsheet Bundle for Cold-formed Steel Structures Design

Price: (name your price) Design of cold-formed steel structures to AS4600.  Contains materials library, technical library add-in, calculator for member checks, bolt capacity tables, and example of using spreadsheet iteration to calculate effective section modulus for cold-formed c-section. The technical library contains functions to obtain effective section modulus directly so do not need the page […]

Spreadsheet Bundle

Price: Sponsored Product Description: Single zip file package of spreadsheets otherwise available from my ExcelCalcs profile, Warning: The spreadsheet bundle is just a convenient reference for the spreadsheets uploaded to ExcelCalcs. It will only be updated at the end of each year, if and only if the spreadsheets on ExcelCalcs are updated. The spreadsheets will only […]

Footing Calculator using Rutledge Formula

Rutledge formula for flag pole footing design

Price: Name Your Price Description: Simple spreadsheet calculator to check footing design using Rutledge formula.   License and Support Free Personal Business

Frame Selection Charts for Cold-formed Steel Sheds

Design charts for gable frame sheds, terrain category 3

Height versus span selection charts for fixed based portal frame sheds, with frames at 3m centres, made from cold-formed steel c-sections, for wind terrain category 3. The pitch of the doubly pitched roof is 10 degrees. — Summary Price List Sponsor Development

Spreadsheet Bundle for Steel Structures Design

Price: Sponsored Product Design of steel structures to AS4100. Package contains materials library, technical function library, and calculator for member checks. For information on setting up MS Excel environment refer to the following post: Setting Up Spreadsheet Environment