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Small family structural design and technical services business, comprising of father (Roy) and son (Conrad). The business was formed in 1994 and operated in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia, in particular in the Tea Tree Gully (TTG) area and surrounds, until 2014 when we moved everything to Maitland on the Yorke Peninsula. The trading name was solely Roy Harrison & Associates until 2009 when we registered the company name MiScion Pty Ltd: now the name alternates between the two.

Technical Services

Primarily structural/mechanical design and associated, drafting services and computer software development.

With formal education in industrial, manufacturing and mechanical engineering we have potential to provide assistance in more areas than structures. Such areas include: total quality management (TQM), statistical process control, inventory management, materials requirement planning (MRP), manufacturing resource planning (MRP II), design-for-manufacture (DFM), design-for-assembly (DFA), agricultural engineering, business logistics, Business Computer Systems Development.

No project too small.

Machines are structures which move. Non-machine structures are mechanisms which are locked.

NB: Structural/mechanical design involves the technical sciences of engineering mechanics and the mechanics of the strength and stability of materials. (Also note few if any persons have a bachelor degree in structural engineering, the degree is either in mechanical or civil engineering. Graduates learn about specific technologies (eg. cranes, antenna masts, silos, storage tanks and bins, industrial platforms, bridges, buildings) after graduation.)

Project Locations

Whilst projects may be located anywhere, places in close proximity to Maitland(SA) are given preference:

  1. Yorke Peninsula Council
  2. District Council of Copper Coast
  3. District Council of Barunga West

Maitland, Arthurton, Point Pearce, Balgowan, Sandilands, Port Victoria, Ardrossan, James Well, Dowlingville, Rogues Point, Tiddy Widdy Beach, Agery, Winulta, Clinton Centre, Price, Black Point, Moonta, Port Hughes, North Moonta, Curramulka, Warburto,Port Julia, Bluff Beach, Paskeville, Minlaton, Kadina, Port Vincent, Port Wakefield, Wallaroo, North Beach, Wallaroo Plain, Stansbury, Hardwicke Bay, Alford, Bute, Tickera, Point Souttar, Point Turton, Yorketown, Warooka, Coobowie, Edithburgh, Corny Point, Honiton, Port Broughton, Foul Bay, Mundoora, Marion Bay, Inneston{NB: Locations are roughly in order of increasing radial distance from Maitland SA.}


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