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Structural Design

Knee Plates

Knee Plate Test

Roof Cladding Test

Tie Down Anchor Pull Out Test

Cold-formed Steel Parallel Chord Truss

Steel Reinforcement

Sail Shade Model

Cold-formed Steel Portal Frame Shed

Double Span Cold-Formed Steel Shed

Cold-formed Steel Wall During Construction

Cold-formed Steel Shed With Parallel Chord Roof Trusses

State of Play: 2017/wk45

Drawing in Spreadsheets (MS Excel) Method 1 : Cell Borders and Shading Been looking at increased use of the drawing capability in MS Excel. First I discovered it is possible to set the cell sizes in millimetres or other units of measurement. Though as I suspected from...

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Augmenting and Enhancing Human Capability

The difference between mechanical engineering and civil engineering is that mechanical engineering augments, enhances and enables human ability, whilst civil engineering along with architecture, enslaves, diminishes, and holds captive human capability. Humans have...

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The Logistics Problem

The logistics problem is getting the right goods, in the right condition, in the right quantity, in the right place at the right time. As I have mentioned in various places before, Australia is akin to a remote mining colony on Mars. South Australia and Adelaide is...

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State of Play: 2017/wk40

The daily challenge came to an end on day 67. A daily challenge based on researching and reading would have greater staying power, but it doesn't produce anything visual to communicate activity. All the production occurs inside the human mind, and makes the mind more...

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