State of Play: 2013/wk38

The usual collection of on going projects.across various structural products. Got interrupted and otherwise side tracked from main path. It seems I may have to clarify some issues of design philosophy. Not the least of which, is that my concern with improving point of sale decision making concerns the buyer’s and regulating authorities, not the […]

Canopy Design: pt#1 (Basic Procedure)

Free standing canopy (carports etc..) design is similar to the requirements for shed design. The primary difference is that with no wall cladding the wind load pushing against the side of the canopy is less. There is still a side ways load on the canopy, it comes from the horizontal component of the loads on […]

Shed Design: pt#1 (Basic Procedure)

The basic procedure for shed design involves assessing the loads imposed by the environment, determining the effects of those loads on the frame and its connections and then specifying such so that have adequate resistance. {what follows is a rough outline and subject to revision.} Environmental Assessment Environmental considerations include, rain, flood waters, hail, snow, […]

State of Play: 2013/wk37

Still got on going projects with behind the scenes development involving: 1) Cold-Formed Steel Sheds < p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>a) 15m Shed to be made into a standard design b) 32m Span x 8m High cold-formed steel shed in construction 2) Carports and Verandahs a) developing software (structural design engine) for point of sales. 3) Balustrades […]