Sponsored Products

What are Sponsored Products? Sponsored products are virtual downloadable products which are available at zero fee the majority of the time. The products are available free only so long as, the income from our consulting work is able to cover our living costs. When our consulting work is not covering our costs, then the products […]

Rigid Frame Analysis for Shed

Price Name Your Price. Description A zip file containing a collection of MS Excel workbooks. schShedDesignerR02.xls (primary workbook) schTechLIB.xla (Technical Library Add-in) as4055.xls (Simplified Wind Classification for Manufactured Structural Products (MSP’s)) schStruMtrl.xls (Materials Library) Purpose Assist those involved with structural design of manufactured structural products (MSP’s), in this case the analysis of the main portal […]

Weld Design

Price Free/Gratis Description A simple spreadsheet calculator for design of fillet welds to AS4100. It covers the basic shear capacity of the weld, but is primarily for checking capacity moment connections.  It covers the following different profiled welds: 2 vertical Parallel Lines 2 Horizontal Parallel Lines RHS/SHS CHS Built-up profile The spreadsheet is set up […]

Spreadsheet Bundle for Steel Structures Design

Design of steel structures to AS4100. Package contains materials library, technical function library, and calculator for member checks. Sectional Moment Capacity Member Moment Capacity Tensile Capacity Compressive Capacity Shear Capacity For information on setting up MS Excel environment refer to the followingpost: Setting Up Spreadsheet Environment Download: SteelDesign.zip PreviousSpreadsheet BundleNext

Spreadsheet Bundle for Cold-formed Steel Structures Design

Price Free Description Design of cold-formed steel structures to AS4600.  Contains:  Materials library Technical library add-in Quick Calculator Workbook for member checks Bolt capacity tables Example of using spreadsheet iteration to calculate effective section modulus for cold-formed c-section. The technical library contains functions to obtain effective section modulus directly so do not need the page […]

Workbook for Rigid Frames Using Kleinlogel Formula

Price Free/Gratis Description Analysis of rigid frames using Kleinlogel formula. The frames included are: Rectangular portal with fixed bases (Frame I) Rectangular portal with pinned bases (Frame II) Doubly pitched portal (Gable frame) with fixed bases (Frame III) Doubly pitched portal (Gable frame) with pinned bases (Frame IV) Triangular frame (Gable roof) with fixed bases […]