More on Copyleft

In my previous post I didn’t give enough attention to my statement that: there are creators and users. For certain if creators have invested time and effort, possibly money, into creating something then it seems reasonable that they should be able to recover that expense. Possibly not: an article I read several months back suggested […]

Pocket Footing Calculator

Description: Simple spreadsheet calculator to design a pocket footing, or footing for cast-in post. Examples include carport or verandah post into concrete pier, or balustrade post into concrete floor beam or floor slab. Also could be used for assessment of timber post bearing on faces of footing saddle (eg. Pryda PSQ600), when the post is […]

Stair Calculator For Comparing AS1657 and NCC/BCA Requirements

Price Free Description Simple spreadsheet (MS Excel) calculator to visually compare compatibility between BCA/NCC compliant stairs and AS1657 stairs, based on rises and goings. As the diagram above illustrates there is only a small region of overlap between the two codes. As far as possible when I design stairs I try to make them compliant […]

Spreadsheet Bundle

Price Free Description Single zip file package of spreadsheets otherwise available from my ExcelCalcs profile, Warning: The spreadsheet bundle is just a convenient reference for the spreadsheets uploaded to ExcelCalcs. It will only be updated at the end of each year, if and only if the spreadsheets on ExcelCalcs are updated. The spreadsheets will only be […]

Beaufort Windscale Chart

Beaufort wind speed chart, with comparative AS4055 wind speeds and speed conversion tables from m/s to km/h. Most weather reports, and news reports give wind speeds in km/h whilst the wind loading code uses m/s. Most annual storm damage occurs at 90 to 110 km/h how does that relate to the AS1170.2 regional wind speed […]