Coffee with STEAM

When first read about coffee with an architect, it seemed like a good idea, and something similar would be good for engineering, such as an equivalent coffee with an engineer.  However, being classified by Engineers Australia as an engineering technologist, it becomes a more cumbersome phrase.  Personally I don’t care much for occupational classification, it […]

Workbook Design Engine

Price:  Sponsored Product Description: Spreadsheet, using vba, for calculating maximum heights, maximum spans, and height/span envelopes for fixed based doubly pitched portal frames using Kleinlogel rigid frame formulae.   Previous Spreadsheet Bundle Next

Workbook Engine LT

Workbook alternative to EngineLT with report printout. The report is a cut down version of that produced by our in-house shed design spreadsheet. A full report includes, member design, connection design and footing design for the portal frame. Along with design of girts and purlins for cladding support, and end wall mullions.