Technical Notes: Timber Canopies, carports, pergolas and verandahs

Price Name Your Price. Description Technical notes which complement the Design guide and the specification for canopies.  Some time around 2005 the councils started to crack down on canopies, especially those attached to houses: as a consequence there was a rapid influx of people seeking structural assessment: some 50 timber canopies arriving in week. Whilst […]

Design Guide: Timber Canopies, carports, pergolas and verandahs

Price Name Your Price Description Design guide complements the specification for canopies. It contains Microstran analysis results for spans of 3.6m, 4.8m, 6.0m, 7.2m, and 8.4m. Curve fitting techniques were then applied to the results to generate tables extending from zero to 9.6m The extrapolated values should not be used with out further calculation. Additional […]

Specification: Timber Canopies, carports, pergolas and verandahs

Price as shown above Description Specification for structural members for doubly pitched carports, pergolas and verandahs. It covers spans of 4.8m, 5.4m, 6m, 6,6m and 7.2m for wind classification N2,  and timber grade F7. The collar-tied rafters are at 1000mm spacing. It extends on the Timber Development Association (TDA) Construction and Design Guide for Carports, […]

Calcs-for-Council (To Suit DIY Projects)

Price: Minimum $220.00, typically around $550.00. Fee calculated at $220 for each rectangle with distinct structural form (configuration, loading, resistances) comprising of no more than two frameworks at right angles. Whilst $550 applies to 3D structures, such as canopies with hexagonal footprint. Required Inputs: Structural Drawings and/or building design drawings specifying the structural components:. (eg. […]

Technical Services – Effort Level 10

Project effort takes into consideration, complexity, potential for variations, risk and the potential for automation due to repetition. This is the maximum effort considered. Projects where duration is the critical factor will be broken down into smaller incremental steps, and no progress will be made onto the next step until payment has been made.   […]