Adelaide City of Churches

Given that Adelaide is known as the city of churches, I thought taking a look at the distance between churches would give a good indication of the requirements for a walk about city and governance. The reasoning being is that historically churches were generally the centres of the community, thus all people typically gathered at […]

Using AutoCAD LT as a simple Geographical Information System

For a simple geographical information system (GIS) not concerned with complex projections of the surface of a sphere onto a 2D surface, nor concerned with features of the landscape such as rivers, lakes, coast lines, mountains, nor with technological features of the built environment such as roads and bridges. The primary requirement is being able to locate a […]

On human civilisation and global development

As mentioned previously, especially over on my metamorphs (beyond structures) blog, logistics, central place theory and our general ability to supply and distribute resources is important to defining the presence of civilisation. {NB: Supply is resources into an organisation, and distribution is resources out.} Humans can walk at an average rate of 5 km/h, and […]

State of Play: 2016/wk41

Thus far generally attempted to keep conjecture to my personal metamorphs blog (Beyond Structures). Around 1976 I started writing a small journal of ideas and general findings, since then I have written several such journals, some years filling several A4 sized hardback books. One common thread through these journals is my concept of utopia. Utopia is […]

Conjecture on the Production Capability of Various Industries

So based on old statistics for South Australia back in the early 1990’s, and with some heavy rounding for convenience of remembering have the following: Population approximately 1.5 million Household occupancy 3 persons Vehicles per household 2 Mitsubishi vehicle assembly plant 80,000 per year and GMH 100,000 when operating at full capacity. House construction varying […]

Our Projects by Council Area

Listing of projects by council area. It doesn’t include all our projects as a large proportion of our projects are standard designs for manufacturers and other suppliers. Each council is linked to the council website, for other councils check the local government association website. We were previously located in Tea Tree Gully and are now […]

A Study Tour Wind Loading of Structures

The beginnings (eg. table of contents) of a  guided tour through various aspects of the wind loading of structures. Qualitative Overview Beaufort Windscale Chart The Recent Adelaide Wind Storms Related to Australian Wind Loading Code Design Wind Speeds for South Australia TechNote#006 Internal Pressure Coefficients Industrial/Commercial Buildings Quantitative Tools Wind Loading Risk Assessment Wind Loading BCA Importance Levels […]

The Recent Adelaide Wind Storms Related to Australian Wind Loading Code

Relating the recent Adelaide storms to the Adelaide Metro Wind Speed Map, the simplified wind classification system (AS4055), and our wind loading code (AS1170.2) The map typically classifies sites as either: N1 Vzp = 28 m/s [100.8 km/h] N2 Vzp = 33 m/s [118.8 km/h] N3 Vzp = 41 m/s [147.6 km/h] These commonly used […]