Appropriate Technology or not: transportation and communication?

Whilst I like technology, there are certain technologies I really dislike, these are: multi-storey buildings, cars and telephones. Basic rule is: if it ain’t in walking distance then it ain’t available. During the 70’s the Australian government had a plan to decentralise, and make its services more accessible. The action it took was to centralise more […]

Barrier Heights, guard rails and hand rails

As I seem to have difficulty explaining the difference between handrails and guardrails and when each is needed, I have added an XY chart to my balustrade design spreadsheet so that I can illustrate the different situations. Handrails and guardrails are not the same thing. Whilst it is common for industrial guardrails to use a […]

TechNote#300 Barriers

Barriers versus: Partitions, Walls, Doors, Windows, Balustrades, Guard Rails, Hand rails, Grab Rails Codes provide no real guidance regarding classification of a structure as a barrier or a wall. AS1170.1 specifies barrier loadings to the top edge of the barrier: this doesn’t always make sense. {NB: AS1170.1 does not identify imposed loads for vertical surfaces […]