Daily Challenge Day 12

So what value is python programming language, or any programming language for that matter? A first introduction to programming was at school around grade 7, we filled in some cards, I think using the Basic programming language, sent them away and a few weeks later we all got calendars back, with pictures created using ASCII […]

Daily Challenge Day 11

Scanned the plane frame analysis section of the book: Mosley and Spencer (1984), “Microcomputer Applications in Structural Engineering“, MacMillan Press, London It is the basis of our plane frame analysis program covered by the following: Console Based (MSDOS) Plane Frame Analysis Plane Frame Analysis with Graphics (MS DOS) Plane Frame Analysis: The Front End Version […]

Daily Challenge Day 10

So why spreadsheets for calculations and not MathCAD/SMath type applications? {Sorry! I didn’t link to MathCAD because it doesn’t have its own website, and who owns it and is making money from it changes from time to time. I have better things to do than tracking down and updating links to commercial websites.} MathCAD like applications […]

Daily Challenge Day 9

There are elitist occupations which declare that an asymmetry of knowledge exists between them and the public, and therefore to protect the public, the occupation should be granted license and monopoly. I am not aware of any occupation where monopoly is deserved. Those occupations which have license and monopoly should have such taken away from them. […]

Daily Challenge Day 8

Expended most of day wasting time on LinkedIn. Keep pondering on whether to delete the group I created: Pre-Engineered Manufactured Building Systems Group. I’d link to it but LinkedIn has basically shutdown all public interfaces requiring people to login to see things: making it less useful than it was. Ok! So what to write about? Well […]

Daily Challenge Day 6

Was going to submit my business activity statement (BAS), but at present cannot trace how the BAS report in quickbooks gets its numbers from. Sometimes when using quickbooks I get the impression that I cannot add one and one. I guess its a problem of keeping the apples and oranges apart, and  making sure don’t […]