Daily Challenge Day 4

So what to waffle on about tonight [21:46]? In terms of yesterday, I checked purlins in AS4600 steel designer module of Multiframe with the biaxial bending and also in my spreadsheet ignoring the biaxial bending, either way bridging is required. Beams and Bending Moments Went looking for a spreadsheet, landscape format for multiple point loads […]

Daily Challenge Day 3

I was thinking about writing on the approximations and simplifications employed in the timber framing code and the hassles it creates when dealing with situations beyond the scope of the timber framing code (AS1684). If not aware of the simplifications and carry out calculations to the timber structures code (AS1720) then have a good chance […]

Daily Challenge Day 2

Didn’t finish yesterdays writing, got interrupted for tea, and couldn’t get back into the flow, so just published as is. Not sure how this daily thing is going to go, as no longer have any real privacy and it’s difficult to get any focus after tea. So what to write about?  Since its freewriting the answer […]