Daily Challenge Day 46

…in a cold, cold world …quit livin’ on dreams …life is not what it seems …lost in the night Don’t wanna struggle and fight [Jeanny, by Falco] Everything seems to have gone kaput. Need a new laptop, along with CAD software and 3D structural analysis software which will run on the computer. Which highlights the […]

Daily Challenge Day 44

… and the words came tumbling down. Project Status Around 2:26am this morning, finally sorted my survey points out in terms of location. This afternoon added the levels to the set out points in CAD. Then extracted the data to comma delimited file, imported back into Excel. Then manipulated the levels. Initial adjustment was for […]

Daily Challenge Day 43

Seems we had a power cut overnight, so got up to blinking digital clock. Today I was going to take a look at the Divi theme project type posts, but started looking at my spreadsheets instead. I had started to modify my spreadsheets to use similar tables to those required by our plane frame analysis […]

Daily Challenge Day 42

Made the mistake of logging into Linkedin, where can guarantee get irritated. Fools asking what the best software is, and other fools arguing against the use of software. If want to know what the best of something is, then can only get a relative answer. The answer is relative to either the person making the […]

Daily Challenge Day 41

Last night was writing about simple surveying and mapping. WHich reminded me about attempting to use OpenStreetMap a few weeks back. I basically attempted to download some data for Maitland SA for use in QGIS. When I checked the maps I was surprised to see a map for Maitland. However, when I downloaded the data […]

Daily Challenge Day 40

Went to site to get some levels. Took dumpy level, unfortunately the 3m staff we have wasn’t long enough. But no problem: we had a 1200mm long spirit level. So we incrementally checked the drop, for each 1200mm run. We could have probably used the 3m staff, with several change over stations, but we were […]

Daily Challenge Day 39

A head full of swirling mush. The daily challenges are mostly to see if I can find time to write something each day, and are titled such to avoid dreaming up a title and then writing on topic. The daily challenges conform to the general concepts expressed in my about statement on my metamorphs journal […]

Daily Challenge Day 38

So last night mind was meandering around transporting water resources. Back to the 5 km cells, which would require around 7 million people for the whole planet, and given a world population of 7 billion, each cell could be occupied by 1000 people. Maitland SA has a population of around 1000 people. The Yorke Peninsula, […]

Daily Challenge Day 37

So I’ve mentioned before Australia is akin to a remote mining colony on Mars. And South Australia is something of a backwater to that colony. Don’t believe me, just search the internet and check out national companies, they cater for: Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. When there are national seminars and touring events, then Adelaide […]