Augmenting and Enhancing Human Capability

The difference between mechanical engineering and civil engineering is that mechanical engineering augments, enhances and enables human ability, whilst civil engineering along with architecture, enslaves, diminishes, and holds captive human capability. Humans have legs they are meant to be mobile, not anchored to the ground like plants. There should be no need for passports, visa’s […]

The Logistics Problem

The logistics problem is getting the right goods, in the right condition, in the right quantity, in the right place at the right time. As I have mentioned in various places before, Australia is akin to a remote mining colony on Mars. South Australia and Adelaide is something of a backwater to that colony. With […]

State of Play: 2017/wk40

The daily challenge came to an end on day 67. A daily challenge based on researching and reading would have greater staying power, but it doesn’t produce anything visual to communicate activity. All the production occurs inside the human mind, and makes the mind more knowledgeable. Any case back to random and irregular “state of […]