Small family structural design and technical services business, comprising of father (Roy) and son (Conrad). The business was formed in 1994 and operated in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia,  in particular in the Tea Tree Gully (TTG) area and surrounds, until 2014 when we moved everything to Maitland on the Yorke Peninsula. The trading name was solely Roy Harrison & Associates until 2009 when we registered the company name MiScion Pty Ltd: now the name alternates between the two.

{If you are looking for Roy Harrison, he is currently semi-retired retaining a role as expert advisor. If looking for cold-formed steel, steel or timber design, or certificates of structural adequacy then Conrad is still available for this work.}

Professional, Scientific And Technical Services

Technical Services
Technical Management
Structural/Mechanical Drafting Work Measurement
Structural/Mechanical Calculations Work Simplification
Agricultural Engineering Production & Operations Management
Quality Control Resource Allocation & Scheduling
Product Design Business Statistics
Factory Automation Business Logistics
Fluid Power Business Computing
Manufacturing Processes Business Systems Development
Design for Manufacture Administrative Systems
Design and Manufacture in Plastics Computer Aided Production Management
Total Quality Management
Statistical Forecasting
Statistical Process Control

Web Store

The webstore provides MS Excel  spreadsheet workbooks and other software for structural/mechanical design along with industrial and manufacturing engineering. It is also provides description of services available and the required inputs, along with standard price. The services cannot be purchased directly from the site, but enquiries can be made, via the contact form.

How we Help

We assist by interpreting codes and standards, producing drawings, and carrying out the calculations which constitute the evidence-of-suitability required to get regulatory approval. However we can help even when regulatory approval is not a requirement of your project.

Note in South Australia we have no registration or licensing of the thing called “engineering” nor the thing called “design”. We have a relatively democratic system allowing all people to design and document proposals, hence you can be owner-designer and owner-builder.

However you are required to demonstrate that the proposal is fit-for-function by providing documentary evidence-of-suitability, which would typically include proof-calculations for the various systems (eg. structural, mechanical, electrical). Such assertion of fitness-for-function has to be defendable. The people providing this defence would either be building surveyors, engineering associates (associate technologists) (AQF-6), engineering technologists (AQF-7), or engineers (AQF-8).

Projects & Services

  1. Type of Projects
  2. Restrictions on Projects Accepted
  3. Project Summary
  4. Where our work gets located
  5. Our Projects by Council Area
  6. Shed Design Brief
  7. Technical Computing
  8. Summary of Products
  9. Calcs-for-Council
  10. Roy’s Partial Retirement


  1. Price List
  2. Payment Methods
  3. Paying for Free Software

Manufactured Structural Products

  1. Issues with Manufactured Structural Products and D.I.Y
  2. Engineered Products: Concepts and Pricing
  3. Manufacturers
  4. The Problem for Manufacturers

Nature of Engineering

  1. On Engineering
  2. Technical Design versus Engineering
  3. Information Asymmetry
  4. Local Registration & Licenses

Technology and Community

  1. S.T.E.A.M


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