Restrictions on Projects Accepted

Whilst we could tackle any structure in any material, there is a cost becoming conversant with the structural form. the material and the associated standards and codes of practice. Also depending on the size of the structure we would need additional personnel.  It is therefore preferable that we place some restrictions on the custom projects we accept. Constraints are:

  1. Buildings to basically be a prism with a section enveloped by a 24m wide x 12m high rectangle, with respect to any individual span.  The overall width can exceed 24m, but it has to be multiple spans each less than 24m.
  2. Buildings which are not prismatic to be contained in a rectangular cuboid 18m long x 18m wide x 12m high.
  3. Structures which are not buildings to be contained in a cube 12m long x 12m wide x 12m high.

Further, it should be possible to break the job down into packages valued at no more than $5000 (exc. GST), with no further progress on the project until the previously completed package is paid for. Jobs should also require less than a months worth of effort, or if requiring more effort, then it should be possible to pursue the job intermittently over longer periods.