Roy’s Partial Retirement

With Roy’s semi-retirement there are a few services which can no longer be supplied to new clients these are:

  1. Certificates of an Independent Technical Expert (CITE). Roy allowed his Chartered Professional Engineer (CP.Eng) status to lapse: too expensive and little value. We have rarely been able to issue such certificates in any case due to lack of independence: we are usually the first to make a structural assessment. We can still issue certificates of structural adequacy.
  2. Residential slabs and footings (soil & concrete).
  3. Retaining walls (soil)
  4. Septic tank certification
  5. Stormwater drainage
  6. Structural design of water tanks

Basically these areas are the civil side of structural engineering, involving concrete and soil mechanics, compared to the mechanical side of structural engineering. Exceptions apply for our long term regular clients. Further exceptions may apply in the future if there is suitable demand (eg. At least 5 clients, with each being able to provide us with a minimum of 10 projects per year over minimum period of 5 years).

NB: If you are looking for Roy Harrison. Note the name of the business is Roy Harrison & Associates, the entity is not a one person consultant for hire. If the initials on the top right of the calculations are not RGH, and the initials in the bottom right of the drawings are not RGH, then Roy Harrison did not do the work. Furthermore if the report looks like a spreadsheet printout, then chances are extremely high that Conrad created the spreadsheet: therefore the calculation formulae, the sequence of calculations and the presentation of the calculations were determined by Conrad. Therefore with Roy’s ultimate retirement there is no loss of technical competence with respect to the main areas of practice: wind loading, cold-formed steel, steel and timber. Also buildability is a consequence of Conrad’s formal education in industrial and manufacturing engineering, combined with Roy’s formal education in building. So we can assist manufacturers, builders and DIY  in a lot more ways than simply providing structural calcs-for-council.