Steven Conrad Harrison – Curriculum Vitae

For foundational knowledge, and competencies refer to functional resume.

Structural Design includes Formal Drawings and Calculations
Structural Assessment = Qualitative Assessment and Calculations

NB: The following is more a chronological biography than formal CV.


Year: 2019

Technologist, MiScion Pty Ltd

  • 2981: Structural Assessment of Canopy proposed to be attached
    to existing building. Existing building comprised of steel shed, single
    storey brick veneer, 2 storey brick veneer. To provide adequate
    tie-down modified to having posts at the house anchored to bottom of
  • Software & Website Development

Year: 2018

Technologist, MiScion Pty Ltd

  • 2957: Assess balustrade corner post. Ammi Balustrades
  • 2958, 2959, 2961, 2962, 2969, 2970, 2979: Structural Assessment of Canopy
  • 2972: Extension to canopy (job#2955), converting from monoslope to doubly pitched. Located in Kadina.
  • 2960: Structural Assessment and Drawings of canopies attached to transportable building, Maitland, Yorke Peninsula.
  • 2974: Structural Design of skillion roof shed, to be located at Birkenhead, SA.
  • 2975: Structural Assessment and drawings for pottery kiln, Maitland, Yorke Peninsula
  • 2978: House Renovations, Port Victoria, Yorke Peninsula
  • Software & Website Development

Year: 2017

Technologist, MiScion Pty Ltd

  • 2939: Structural Analysis of Boat maintenance cradle/trailer
  • 2940, 2942, 2946: Structural Assessment of Canopy
  • 2947: Redesign of proposed shed from a few years back.
    Purpose to make smaller and move off the boundary fence, as that
    proposal rejected. Additional canopies also designed.
  • 2945: Structural Design of Fishing Platform, located at Price on the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia.
  • 2948: Site setout for proposed shed on sloping ground.
  • 2953: Drafting proposed bridges for TTG Golf Course
  • 2955: Structural Adequacy of Canopy for onsite caravan, Kadina,
    Yorke Peninsula .
  • Software & Website Development

Year: 2016

Technologist, MiScion Pty Ltd

  • 2918: Structural Assessment of doubly pitched and attached flat Canopy
  • 2919, 2922, 2924, 2928, 2936: Structural Assessment of Canopy
  • 2923: Structural Assessment of doubly pitched shed with carport, located in Wallaroo.
  • 2937: Adaptation of out standard 20m span hot-rolled steel
    shed to meet needs of specific project. {Introduced my note about the
    meaning of construction, and how development approval documents are not
    for construction.}
  • Software & Website Development

Year: 2015

Technologist, MiScion Pty Ltd

  • 2857: Structural Assessment of Shed with attached carport. Non-symmetrical gable roof, cold-formed steel construction.
  • Software & Website Development

Year: 2014

Technologist, MiScion Pty Ltd

  • 2813: Structural Assessment of Balustrade for Harkk.
  • Software & Website Development

Year: 2013

Technologist, MiScion Pty Ltd

  • Structural Assessment of Balustrades for Harkk: 2708, 2709,
    2716, 2723, 2725, 2729, 2738, 2751, 2760, 2761, 2762, 2780, 2782, 2796
  • 2710: Initially Structural Assessment of Carport supporting
    solar panels, then extended to providing structural drawings to clarify
    the nature of the project.
  • 2721: Structural Details for attaching frameless balustrade to timber floors. (Harkk)
  • 2722: Part involvement in the Structural Assessment of boat towing trailer used in boat maintenance yard.
  • 2732: Structural Design of Timber framed Canopy with pitched roof and hips. Also provided drawings of structural details.
  • 2743: Structural drawings, including workshop details and material take-offs for 15m cold-formed steel shed. (Erecta Sheds)
  • 2753: Structural Assessment of Sports Nets located at Hope Valley Oval.
  • 2798: Structural Assessment of existing Light Pole. Included
    research into wind excitation and consequent vibration of light poles:
    no Australian standard was found to provide adequate coverage of such.
  • Software & Website Development

Year: 2012

Technologist, MiScion Pty Ltd

  • 2584: Structural Design of elevated platform, with Bondek slab, to support a garage/workshop (cold-formed steel shed).
  • 2617: Structural Design of stairway and landings for access to construction site cabin.
  • 2642, 2683, 2701: Structural Assessment of Balustrade for Harkk.
  • 2645: Structural Drawings and Material Take-off for cold-formed steel shed.
  • 2649, 2678: Structural Assessment of channel for frameless Balustrade for Harkk.
  • 2676, 2692: Structural Assessment and sketch of proposed Golf Nets to be located at Regency Park Golf Course.
  • Software & website Development:

Year: 2011

Technologist, MiScion Pty Ltd

  • Similar to previous years. Otherwise specifics to be detailed at later date.

Year: 2010

Technologist, MiScion Pty Ltd (T/A Roy Harrison & Associates), Structural Design.

  • Management
    • Accounts, and general monitoring of the characteristics of the business and the needs of the market.
  • Design
    • Continued design and development of design-tools to improve the speed of provision of: design, evaluation and analysis services. Specific emphasis on in-house tools which can be customised to automate solution of specific problems, without being constrained by limitations of commercial software. In particular determining the limitations of available structural sections when used in common structural forms for routine purposes and the influence this has on optimum product mix for manufactured structural building products.
  • Routine Design
    • Work shop detailing of sheds | structural design of canopies.
  • Testing Knee Connections:
    • minor involvement with UniSA, getting various cold-formed steel
      knee connections tested by students. Validated that hot-rolled
      connection design methods are not conservative for cold-formed design, but with modifications can be made viable. Most knee connections in the market have not been designed, only bolts have been sized, localised distortion of plates ignored and consequently most knee connections have inadequate resistance for intended purpose. Therefore have some politicking to do, to bring about improved assessment of connections before regulatory approval granted.

Year: 2009

Technologist, Roy Harrison & Associates, Consulting Engineers.

  • Management
    • Accounts for end of quarter BAS | Responding to offers of work from the USA, generated through contributing to technical discussions on the structural engineers international (SEAint) email listserver.
  • Sheds
    • More workshop detailing | Development of Excel workbook for dimensional check on main frames and estimating length and mass of cold-formed steel requirements for preliminary orders and checks on availability of materials | Further development of Excel workbooks for automated explosion of BOM  | Continued development of automation scripts (.scr) for Acad LT driven by Excel/VBA

Year: 2008

Technologist, Roy Harrison & Associates, Consulting Engineers.

  • Management
    • Accounts | production monitoring
  • Sheds
    • Workshop detailing of various large cold-formed steel structures for Erecta Shed.
    • Development of simplified bill of materials (BOM) and assembly explosion system using Excel/VBA
    • Back of envelope structural calculations to guide detailing to push workshop detailing and fabrication ahead of formal engineering submission for regulatory approval.

Year: 2007

Technologist, Roy Harrison & Associates, Consulting Engineers.

  • Management
    • Keeping track of expenses and receipts in QuickBooks.
      Paying employees, suppliers and government regulated fees. Working with accountant as they check accounts in preparation for BAS statement submission.
  • Computer Systems
    • Recommending hardware and software. Setting up user
      accounts and profiles, connecting computers to the network. Solving problems with use of software. Backing up file server. Writing software tools.
  • Erecta Sheds
    • Workshop details and material take-off
  • Fielders
    • Initial involvement in generating design capacity tables
      for new Dimond section. Conflict arose over inconsistency in data provided for dimensions of the sections and project terminated.

Year: 2006

Technologist, Roy Harrison & Associates, Consulting Engineers.

  • Attached Canopies
    • Created Excel Workbook to assess tie-down of wall framing
      and rafters. Assess strengthening requirements for common rafters and hip rafters. | producing structural drawings of the tie-down and strengthening requirements for wide variety of canopy and house shapes.
  • Timber Canopies
    • Created Excel workbooks for tied-rafter gable canopies, for
      one-off design and for range of designs. | Plotted action-effect curves against span, and overlaid member/section capacity curves, and determined the maximum spans achievable from the timber sizes commonly available. | Produced structural framing plans and assessed structures of various shapes and sizes of canopy.
  • Timber Design (AS1720)
    • Wrote Excel/VBA function library for timber design.
  • Timber Framing (AS184.1 & AS1684.2)
    • Reviewing limitations of AS1684 as it applies to the
      resistance available in existing construction to which a verandah, carport, or other canopy may be attached.
  • Steel Canopies
    • Structural design of various welded steel RHS canopies

Year: 2005

Technologist, Roy Harrison & Associates, Consulting Engineers.

  • Management/Admin
    • Training & supervising new staff ( trainee drafter and an officer junior) | Checking drafting
  • Sail-Shades
    • A review of several manufacturers standard calculations for
      sail-shades, indicated an over simplistic assessment of structural
      adequacy. It was determined they should be analysed as tension
      membranes and cable-nets. After such analysis it was concluded the performance criteria for sail-shades is uncertain and more research required on appropriate design models for cable and fabric structures.
  • Tension membranes and Cable Nets
    • Was requested to research tension membranes and cable
      structures. Determined that form finding of initial membrane shape to be a complex task in its own right. Experimented with software developed by Prof V F Arcaro presenting a new optimisation approach for analysis of membranes and cable nets (Lights, CableNet, Membrane).
      Excel/VBA was used to generate data files, and transform results into 3D graphical form in IntelliCAD. These tools then used to assess sail shades: checking wind loading and the possibility of people climbing into the canopy. The required cable pretensions were found to be high, which in turn pushed up the size of the support frame, compared to results obtained by more simplistic methods.
  • Fielders
    • Provided critical review of Design System software
      (FDS)(#1721) | Criticised girt & purlin load capacity tables
      produced by the industry and recommended either producing tables like the AISC/ASI hot-rolled design capacity tables so can design any structure, or otherwise if are only to be used for girts and purlins then produce software to optimise the cladding and support system or tables providing such optimum solutions.
  • Erecta Sheds
    • Detailing and modifications to Fielders Endurance shed designs to remove problems experienced during construction. (#1708)

Year: 2004

Technologist, Roy Harrison & Associates, Consulting Engineers.

  • Canopies
    • Assessment of existing structures canopies attachment to.
  • Pavements & Stormwater Drainage
    • drafting and conceptual layout of drainage pits.
  • Aluminium Balustrade
    • Structural Assessment by calculation and then physically tested.
  • Pelican Point Power Station
    • Platforms & Stairway to pump Pit.
  • Toyota Recyclers
    • Racking layouts and access/egress requirements. Steel framing plans.
  • Magnus Sheds
    • Provided them with copy of design charts for height span
      limits of cold-formed sheds and recommended operating through private certifier.
  • Erecta Sheds
    • Standard calculations for 20m single span and 40m double span hot rolled steel framed sheds.

Year: 2003

Technologist, Roy Harrison & Associates, Consulting Engineers.

  • Sheds
    • Gable frame shed with monorail crane | Substitution of steel strapping in place of bracing rod.
  • Pelican Point Power Station
    • Access stair and platforms down into pump pit: cold-formed
      steel. | Inlet structure grating modifications | Rotor Axle support
      stand | Stability check on pump support stand. | Light weight mezzanine floor.
  • Magnus Sheds
    • Design of America Barn cold-formed steel frames.
  • Jib Crane
    • Strengthening of steel column to support small jib crane.
  • Owner/Operator: Metamorphs : Beyond Structures
  • Gable Shed Design Charts
    • Wrote program in Delphi to iterate through heights and
      spans, and generate tables of applied moment. Changes to AS1170.2 in 2002 and the need to revise Excel/VBA wind loading functions led to a rewrite of the program in VBA, and modifications to iterate through the 18 available sizes of c-sections and the generation of iso-moment contours, which define the envelopes for the limits of the height and span for each section. Kleinlogel formulae being used for the frame analysis. Published the resulting charts on the internet in 2003 as a reference datum for the current state of the shed industry.

Year: 2002

Technologist, Roy Harrison & Associates, Consulting Engineers.

  • Sheds
    • 21m Cold-formed steel Gable frame | Skillion shed
  • Galeprufe
    • Set up entire shed design in Excel workbook, for a constant
      span, used multiple copies of the Kleinlogel worksheet to calculate results for various heights and used to produce simple printed look up tables and design-curves
  • Seaton High Baseball training Centre
    • cold-formed steel shed.
  • North East Nissan
    • Additional storage space above existing office, by providing structure which straddles office and connects into mezzanine
      floor of adjacent workshop building.
  • Lodge Sport Centre
    • light weight cold-formed steel mezzanine floor over squash courts.
  • Marion Council Building
    • Survey and reporting on deterioration of wall render.
  • Canopies
    • Pyramid roof domestic canopy.

Year: 2001

Technologist, Roy Harrison & Associates, Consulting Engineers.

  • Canopies
    • RHS Canopies with cranked columns under eaves of existing | Curved roof shelter
  • Sheds
    • skillion roof
  • Welding Machine
    • Contributed to evaluation of the deflections involved in the operation of a proposed cantilevered horizontal welding machine

Engineering Technologist, Building Engineering Group, Egis Consulting Australia, Adelaide.

  • Innovation
    • Wrote a report on improved application and integration of
      information technology in engineering design and documentation | Wrote a report on quality assurance
  • Glenelg Foreshore Development
    • Structural Design of a coastal canopy in stainless steel,
      with polycarbonate roof cladding, artist provided concept as a scale model in stainless steel wire. Modelled the structure in SpaceGass | Drafting of pavements and steps down to the beach along with coastal defence systems (gabions).
  • Outer Harbor Development
    • Drawing river cross-sections from sonar data maps
  • Marlu Curu Park (Edinburgh Park )
    • drafting of plans associated with development of
      Auto-supply park to GMH Elizabeth automotive assembly plant | revisions of layout, roads, and services | Transition curves for bridge ramp.
  • Intermodal
    • railway transition curves
  • Dana Manufacturing
    • Structural drawings for building conversion.

Year: 2000

Engineering Technologist, Building Engineering Group, Egis Consulting Australia, Adelaide.

  • General
    • Structural, Civil site works, building services drawings for a variety of projects.
  • CADD
    • Setup of clients drafting standards in Autosys. | writing
      script files to assist in meeting client standards, which are beyond the capability of Autosys | assisting others when difficulties arise in use of CADD | Wrote LISP routine in my own time to calculate areas of water catchment areas, and insert block with data at centroid of catchment area. Engineer then able to use attribute extract, and import data into Excel for further processing | Wrote guide to the Adelaide CADD system. | assisting the IT/Network consultant with issues related
      to CADD
  • Design Calculations
    • Assisting graduate engineers to understand the wind loading
      code, mainly determination of internal pressure coefficients, and the use of local pressure factors | Structural design of steel framed shed.
  • AAPT Rollout
    • Drafting of layouts for installation of mobile telephone
      transmission and receiving equipment. Mostly involved with structural details for strengthening of roof framing. Involved site visits to roof tops, and measure up. Needed to complete some OHS&W training before being permitted to work at height. Responsible for training each new CADD drafter as two drafting teams were built up.
  • McCracken Country Club
    • Structural drawings of framing, and concrete floor slabs.
      Identified inconsistency in the architectural plans and elevations
      concerning the intersection of octagonal roof and normal gable roof, and thus the potential impossibility of locating a beam proposed by the engineer. Future plans from the architect resolved issue.
  • Strathdon Nursing Home
    • Structural drawings of framing, and concrete floor slabs.
  • Proposed Development at Burbridge Rd
    • Structural & Civil drawings for redevelopment of factory & office building due to road widening.
  • Woolworths Petrol Plus
    • Structural & Civil drawings of petrol service stations, along with water supply and sanitary drainage plans.
  • Wetlands
    • Completion of construction contour plans and drawing of weir details.
  • City of Charles Sturt
    • Plans and long sections of roads requiring upgrading.
      Provided excel spreadsheet for generation of long-section profiles for the civil drawings.
  • DSTO water reticulation study
    • Plan drawings of pipe network.

Technologist, Roy Harrison & Associates, Consulting Engineers.

  • Cold-formed Steel
    • Developing of Excel/VBA spreadsheets. In particular wind loading, and change over from AS1538 to AS4600 for cold-formed steel.

Personal/ Own Time

  • CADD
    • Developing of Excel/VBA spreadsheets to generate in Acad
      LT long profiles with different horizontal and vertical scales, adapted from general purpose plotting procedures.

Year: 1999

Engineering Technologist, Building Engineering Group, Egis Consulting Australia, Adelaide.

  • Employed on contract to provide a long-term presence in
    structural drafting, in order to establish local drafting standards.
    Projects included the following:
  • Adelaide Club
    • Drawings of structure & plumbing services for renovations.
  • Board Walk
    • structural drawings of timber board walk and jetty
  • Environmental
    • Sketch plans of test bore well locations.
  • Gropep Laboratory
    • First project with Egis involved the completion and revision to structural drawings for a biotech laboratory.

Technologist, Roy Harrison & Associates, Consulting Engineers.

  • Cold-formed Steel
    • Attended AS4600 seminar. | Wrote Excel/VBA functions for
      calculating effective section modulus of c-sections and other functions for design to AS4600.| Sheds and Canopies

Year: 1998

Technologist, Roy Harrison & Associates, Consulting Engineers.

  • Richmond Grove Winery
    • Revised and completed structural calculations for sheds and
      canopies over existing mechanical plant allowing for relocation of monorail crane. Building structures cold-formed steel, c-sections used to form I-beams and box sections.
  • Bramalco
    • Structural assessment of building for installation of overhead
      bridge crane. | Structural design of several industrial racking options
  • Sheds
    • Cold-formed skillion lean-to | Open front agricultural shelters
  • Mechanical Plant Support Frame
  • Contract (Drafter), Bastick-Llewellyn
    • Structural drafting, footing layouts and steel
    • Structural drafting, footing layouts and steel framing

Year: 1997

Contract (Drafter), Australian Construction Services/ GHD Works, Adelaide.

  • Engaged initially by Australian Construction Services (ACS)
    and continued with Works Australia, and then GHD Works (the privatised continuation of ACS). Work involving structural drafting and some structural design of steelwork. Also provided assistance to CADD users in their move over from the Unix based AES CADD system to AutoCAD.
  • Projects Include:
    • RAAF Base, Darwin
      • Structural calculations, design and drafting of acoustic
        shelters | Structural drafting of earth covered concrete arch structures | Structural assessment by calculation (for cyclone Region C) of maintenance building that was to be relocated and extended with a lean-to structure.
    • RAAF Base, Tindal
      • Drafting of explosive ordnance buildings
    • RAAF Base, Learmonth
      • Structural design calculations (for cyclone Region D) for
        canopy and shed | Drafting of Aircraft hangars and associated door framing that can be retrofitted to any of the hangars at a future date as and when required.
    • Darwin fuel farm
      • Drafting of Canopy Structures and concrete bund areas.
    • Acoustic test Tank DSTO Salisbury
      • Revision of structural drawings and checking of tank design calculations.
    • Bureau of Meteorology
      • Drafting for Radar towers footings | Structural drafting
        for Melbourne observation buildings | Checking of workshop drawings | Design calculations for hold-down frame to AutoSonde building | Drafting and structural design for building at Williamtown, including a centrally propped stairway.
    • Ship Sheds Brunei
      • Twin ship sheds (each 30 m high x 20 m span x 120 m long)
        and central attached workshop (18 m high x 25 m span). During the early design stages was involved with drafting of the main building structure and also modelling in Microstran. In later stages concentrated on the design of the stairways and landings up to the crane rails at the top
        of the building (30m).
    • Learmonth solar observatory
      • Structural design (Region D) of steel framed shade canopy.

Technologist, Roy Harrison & Associates, Consulting Engineers.

  • Canopies
    • Cold-formed steel Gable Canopies – freestanding
  • Sheds (general)
    • Gable frame shed with monorail crane. | Skillion lean-to extensions

Year: 1996

Technologist, Roy Harrison & Associates, Consulting Engineers.

  • Drafting of structural framing
  • Structural Design (standard designs)
    • Standard Cold-formed Steel Shed Design 9.1m Span, TC2 (#103)
    • Standard Cold-formed Steel Shed Design 7.6m Span, TC2 (#104)
    • Holding Down Bolts for 12m Steel Shed irrespective of Height (#72)
    • Standard Cold-formed Steel Shed Design 12.2m Span, TC2 (#119)
  • Sheds(general):
    • Gable frame with monoslope lean-to each side (cyclonic)
  • Contracts for ACS
    • Bureau of Meteorology
    • Drafting of Radar platforms and towers. Structural drafting for Perth observation buildings.
  • Contracts for John Bay & Associates
      • drafting of LPG tank enclosure
    • Export Food Factory

Owner/Operator: Metamorphs : Beyond Structures

  • Own business registered in 1996 to expand beyond supply of
    drafting services and structural design, to oppose philosophy of
    continuous improvement and promote design of dynamic adaptive systems. In particular to ultimately develop parametric models of large scale systems.
  • Shed Framing
    • Developed Turbo C program to generate Acad LT script to draw framing plans and elevations for simple sheds.

Year: 1995

Technologist, Roy Harrison & Associates, Consulting Engineers.

  • Management
    • Recommended that AutoCAD LT was more than adequate for our
      drafting requirements | Recommended that we adopt Quickbooks for Windows as our accounting software
  • Metal roofing
    • Tested manufacturer metal roofing profile to check
      conformance with AS1562.1 and BCA. Tests were carried out in
      conjunction with CivilTest, at Adelaide University. Objective was to demonstrate viability of extended spans for use with carports.
  • Railway Hotel heritage building
    • Plans and details for structural renovation to heritage building.
  • Roxby Downs, Olympic Dam Housing development
    • Building & Structural plans for houses. Involved a Site visit, with a marketing team (from Western mining), to observe the construction of the houses, and to inspect existing housing available. Project also involved Graeme Hunt Building Design and Mario Minuzzo Builders.
  • Point Pearce Community
    • Attended opening ceremony for the prototype house.
  • Contracts for ACS
    • RAAF Base, Darwin
      • Structural drafting of Explosive ordnance buildings.
  • Contracts for John Bay & Associates
    • Para Vista Shopping Centre
      • Drafting structural framing

Year: 1994

Technologist, Roy Harrison & Associates, Consulting Engineers.

  • General
    • Management of accounting system for business. Started to
      write integrated project tracking and accounting system in Paradox (DOS).
  • Point Pearce Community
    • In conjunction with Graeme Hunt building design services
      continued the design and development of Structural plans and details for lightweight concrete modular housing system to be fabricated and constructed by the local Aboriginal community.
  • Housing
    • Footing plan layouts and construction details. Including projects involving screw piling.

Contract(Drafter), Graeme Hunt Building Design and Drafting Services

  • House Plans
    • Architectural plans and elevations for brick veneer houses and timber framed transportable houses.
  • Transportable Buildings
    • Plans for transportable houses for building approval.
  • General
    • Solving problems with software and computers

Student, University of South Australia.

  • Undertaking studies towards B.Tech (manufacturing & mechanical engineering)
    • Design of Machine Elements 2B | Industrial Engineering |
      Manufacturing Processes 2B | Product Design | Total Quality Management 1| Design and Manufacture in Plastics |Design for Manufacture 2 | Industrial Experience | Manufacturing Project | Southeast Asian Studies
    • Final year project for B.Tech: Assessment of data acquisition (DAQ) technology, and digital analogue conversion (DAC).

Year: 1993

Contractor, Graeme Hunt Building Design and Drafting Services

  • Point Pearce Community
    • Preliminary Structural plans and details for lightweight concrete modular housing system

Student, University of South Australia.

  • Undertaking studies towards B.Tech (manufacturing & mechanical engineering)
    • Engineering Analysis 2 | Manufacturing Processes 1B | Factory Automation

Personal/ Own Time

  • (1993): Wrote turbo C program with GUI, for calculating soil heave and classifying site to AS2870.

Year: 1992

Student, University of South Australia.

  • Undertaking studies towards B.Tech (manufacturing & mechanical engineering)
  • Computer Aided Production Management (CAPM) | Materials
    Engineering for Mechanical Engineering for Mechanical Engineers 1 &
    2 | Language in Use
  • Completing studies for Assoc.Dip.Bus.(Industrial.Engineering)
  • Business Computing | Introduction to Business and Management
    | Business Psychology 2 | Business Systems Development | Industrial
    Engineering Project

Year: 1991

Mechanical Engineering Associate, Kinhill Engineers, Adelaide.

  • Assisting Computer Systems Supervisor
    • Assisted other users with the use of operating systems and application software | Installing software and hardware

Student, SAIT: Assoc. Dip Bus.(Ind. Eng.) Full Time

  • Business Logistics.| Business Psychology 1 | Business
    Statistics 1A | Financial Reporting and Analysis | Production and
    Operations Management | Administrative Systems | Business Statistics 2A | Financial Management A | Resource Allocation and Scheduling

Year: 1990

Mechanical Engineering Associate, Kinhill Engineers, Adelaide.

  • Projects included:
  • General
    • Document controller.| Generated Gantt charts in Acad from Lotus 123 data
  • Adelaide Brighton Cement Upgrade
    • Drafting revisions to belt conveyor drawing |
      Compiling fortnightly project progress reports of drafting and
  • Mechanical Handling: Conveyor Design
    • Translation of two BASIC programs for conveyor design into
      a single Pascal program, with improved user interface | Wrote
      FoxBase/dBASE program for managing mechanical components associated with conveyor design
  • Penrice Quarries
    • Drew materials handling flow process diagrams.
  • STA Noarlunga Centre Railway
    • Imported data from CivilCad to Lotus 1-2-3 and used to calculate additional railway curve data.
  • Nanya Irrigation
    • Extended capabilities of an Irrigation Pipe Network
      Analysis spreadsheet by adding a diagram of the network which could be used to switch valves on and off.
  • West Lakes shopping centre car parks
    • Modification to CADD model that was used by others as basis for manual drawings.
  • Darwin International Airport
    • Revision of runway apron drawings, and compiling weekly
      progress reports covering engineering and drafting | Registering and otherwise controlling incoming and outgoing documents.
  • MFP (multifunctional polis)
    • Typed up Tender Cost estimate spreadsheet in lotus 123.
  • Clipsal Powerhouse Basketball Stadium
    • Visited site and photographed progress of steelwork construction
  • Assisting Computer Systems Supervisor
    • Assisted other users with the use of operating systems and
      application software| advising on the most appropriate application package for a particular purpose | Formatting disks with safe disk formatter. | Cataloguing contents of floppy disks | Wrote FOXBASE program to print out personnel timesheets.
  • CADD Users Group
    • Group discussions and presentation on the use of AutoCAD commands .

Student, SAIT: Assoc. Dip Bus.(Ind. Eng.) part-time

  • Business Communications A | Work Measurement | Industrial Relations 1A | Work Simplification

Personal/ Own Time

  • DXF parser
    • Wrote Pascal and C programs for extracting data from DXF files and make minor modifications to.
  • Gantt Charts
    • Wrote AutoLISP program to generate an Acad Drawing of Gantt Chart from data extracted from Lotus 123/or As Easy As.
  • Safe Disk Formatting
    • Wrote program to replace Kinhill DOS batch program for safe formatting of floppy disks.
  • Disk Catalogue
    • Wrote Pascal program to catalogue contents of floppy disks
  • Multi-Script
    • Wrote Turbo C program to execute Acad Script on Multiple drawings operating at DOS.

Year: 1989

Mechanical Engineering Associate, Kinhill Engineers, Adelaide.

  • General
    • Elementary heat transfer calculations for a boiler |
      Checking of air conditioning ducting size calculations | Calculation of conveyor overshoot trajectories
  • Adelaide Brighton Cement Upgrade
    • Preparation of materials schedules and general notes sheets
      for mechanical components of belt conveyors | Calculating mass loadings of conveyors, hoppers and bins, from mechanical drawings and handing on to structural engineers for use in their calculations. Also transforming torques and other mechanical data into data for the structural engineers who were designing the conveyor support structures.

Contractor;Adelaide University, Department of Civil Engineering

  • Diagrams for lecture notes and technical paper on Water Hammer by Dr Angus Simpson, drawn using McDraw II and Expressionist
  • Structured and debugged the FORTRAN source code for a pipe network analysis program.

Personal/ Own Time

  • Assisted with a hydraulic model test for the E&WS

Year: 1988

Operative, Golden Grove Engineering Design Services

  • Occasional projects for fathers fledgling business including
  • KL Discounters
    • Wrote program to demonstrate point of sale stock
      management. Product item lists cross referenced to inventory. Sales of a particular product checked against availability of materials, and if sale made then decrease stock on-hand, single level assembly only | Structural design of sub-frames for transportable buildings to AS1170 and AS1250.
  • Misc
    • Measure up, structural drawings and calculations for an
      existing shed to be erected elsewhere. Calculations to AS1170.2 and AS1250 | Building approval Plans for erection of agricultural shelter.

Student, SAIT: Assoc. Dip. Mech. Eng.

  • Mechanical Design 2D | Mechanical Engineering 1D {Structures
    (AS1250), Statistical Quality Control, Fluid Power(pneumatics),
    Agricultural Engineering}

Personal/ Own Time

  • Spreadsheets
    • Was requested to investigate the possibility of using
      spreadsheets for engineering calculations. I demonstrated the
      possibility of doing so using MultiPlan.
  • CAD
    • Was requested to investigate the possibility of getting
      coordinate information from AutoCAD into StructDes analysis software. Identified that it was possible via use of the DXF file, just needed to parse the DXF and convert into other data file. Started to develop Turbo Pascal program for the purpose. {Such facility not available within the structural analysis software at the time.}

Year: 1987

Casual Labour, KL Discounters

  • Sorting through seconds steel cladding and removing sheets
    too short or damaged for any use. Also picking up stock from storage

Part-time Trainee assisting Contracts Manager, Boral Johns Perry Engineering.

  • Adelaide Tropical Conservatory
    • To reduce fabrication time, of tubular steelwork, Designed
      replacement radial arm follower mechanism for cam-operated pipe profiler, which used one cam to profile pipes from 2″ to 9″ diameter. Derived equations for pipe development lengths and the cam profile. Wrote Pascal program to calculate the cam profile.

Voluntary Work Experience, Boral Johns Perry Engineering.

  • Adelaide Tropical Conservatory :
    • Proofreading contract documents against tender document |
      extracting relevant clauses from main contract to create tender
      documents for subcontractors | Parts enquiries and ordering
  • Container crane at Port Adelaide
    • Revised drawings to as built condition | Witnessed load
      testing of its internal maintenance cranes | Involved in rectifications to the emergency band brake, which originally failed to make full contact with the winding drum.
  • Cryoplant at Olympic Dam
    • General involvement in administering of contract | learning
      about the difficulties of welding aluminium | Learned about the
      existence of specialist transportation vehicles such as trailers which can snake under bridges.
  • General
    • Supply Office checking cart notes against orders | General
      Store checking goods against cart notes | assisted maintenance crew with installation of a large CNC borer | Also accompanied maintenance crew to fix a leak in air-conditioning system on board a ship.

Contractor, South Australian Institute of Technology, School of Mechanical Engineering.

  • Drafted Mechanical assembly diagrams to be included in a study guide for the subject Design for Production by Mr Bruce Malone

Student, SAIT: Assoc. Dip. Mech Eng.

  • Design for Production 1D | Engineering Contracting 1D | Mechanical Design 1D

Year: 1986

Student, SAIT: B.Eng Mech. Eng . (precluded from continuing)

  • Design for Production | Drawing Office Practice | Electrical
    Engineering 1M | Engineering Chemistry and Materials | Mathematics 2ME

Year: 1985

Student, SAIT: B.Eng Mech. Eng.

  • Basic Engineering M | Drawing Office Practice | Engineering Chemistry and Materials | Mathematics 2ME | Thermofluid Dynamics A.

Year: 1984

  • Returned to Study

Student, SAIT: B.Eng Mech. Eng.

  • Applied Physics 1E | Engineering Mechanics 1 | Mathematics 1

Year: 1983

Student, SAIT: B.Eng Mech. Eng.

  • Applied Physics 1E | Basic Engineering M | Drawing Office
    Practice | Engineering Chemistry & Materials | Engineering
    Mechanics 1 | GSE:Philosophy | Mathematics 1
  • Withdrew near end of 1 st year

Year: 1982

  • Matriculation Study Year: Mathematics 1 & 2, Physics, Chemistry, Geography (Matriculated)

Years: 1970 to 1982

  • Schooling at 11 schools in 3 commonwealth countries (England, Zambia, Australia)

Year: 1965

  • Born 29th July, Ashton-under-Lyne, county of Lancaster, England