Automating CADD with Scripts

A collection of spreadsheet (Excel/vba), which shows approaches for automating Acad LT through the use of Acad script files (.scr), and automatically loading and running the script, by calling Acad LT from the command line and passing the script.

The typical approach taken is to write the scripts to a default location, and to run them from that location. By creating a default.scr file, a toolbar or menu macro can then be created in Acad LT to automatically run the script from inside Acad LT. This approach is best for adding content to an existing drawing.

For creation of new drawings could simply create the script file and then manually drop into the Acad LT editor, but for more automated approach it is preferable to create the script file then automatically load and run in Acad LT. This can be achieved by using the VBA shell command and passing the appropriate command lines parameters to Acad LT.

For development of custom code for Acad LT or ProgeCAD script development contact us.

Download: schCADDv2.xls