Barrier Post Base Moment Calculator

Small application written in for calculating the base moment needed to select a suitable post and design the base connection and support structure. Useful for people who are designing the associated support structure to which a balustrade or other barrier is to be attached. The loads are to AS1170.


  1. Posts typically require 100mm to 150mm embedment when cast-in to a floor slab, whilst anchor bolts typically require a minimum  of 70mm to 100mm.
  2. A post fastened to a fascia beam will place torsion in such beam.
  3. Swimming pool loads are provided for comparison purposes only.  Do not design a swimming pool fence solely to the swimming pool fence code, it only gives partial loading requirements. The swimming pool fence code only covers those requirements to make the fence tamper proof to children, it does not cover the loading of the fence as a barrier which obstructs movement of people, nor does it cover wind loading of the fence.  Select a suitable load category from AS1170.
  4. Includes loading for guard railing to the industrial platforms code AS1657.


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