Barrier Post Design Workbook V6

Spreadsheet for design of barrier post: version 6. Simple spreadsheet which calculates the base moment for a post supporting a guardrail or other barrier (eg. glass balustrade).  It also allows the user to select a suitable structural section and checks the suitability of such section. It can be used for selecting the balustrade post and supporting beam, if the beam is placed in bending but not if it is in torsion (eg. fascia). Additionally it looks up the minimum suitable section for comparison. As well as the imposed barriers loads to AS1170.1 it also includes the wind loads to AS1170.2. The wind load checks do not allow for free edges, nor for the buffeting and vibration which may be experienced by a balustrade on a high rise roof top.

For more detailed calculations, and design of rails and posts contact us.


  1. Posts typically require 100mm to 150mm embedment when cast-in to a floor slab, whilst anchor bolts typically require a minimum  of 70mm to 100mm.
  2. A post fastened to a fascia beam will place torsion in such beam.

Download: wbk6dsgnBarrierPost.xls