Calcs-for-Council (To Suit DIY Projects)

Price: Minimum $220.00, typically around $550.00. Fee calculated at $220 for each rectangle with distinct structural form (configuration, loading, resistances) comprising of no more than two frameworks at right angles. Whilst $550 applies to 3D structures, such as canopies with hexagonal footprint.

Required Inputs: Structural Drawings and/or building design drawings specifying the structural components:. (eg. size of structural sections and grades of materials, and connection details.) If do not have a specification for the structural components then it is more appropriate to seek structural design services and get drawings and calculations.

Description: Structural calculations produced to provide the evidence-of-suitability required to get development approval (building permit). Structural calculations cover adequacy of the primary members and the connection details.

NB: If the structure is of a common and simple structural form, then a certificate-of-structural-adequacy may be suitable. Calculations are carried out for certification, but no calculation report is compiled just a simple, typically single page statement that the structure is found to be adequate, and quoting some critical results of the calculations. The structure needs to be simple enough that can conduct the calculations with a pocket calculator without writing down any equations, or the structure needs to be common enough that it is worthwhile automating the calculations with a spreadsheet or similar computer software. If the structure is not simple and not common enough to automate by both sides of the approval system (designers and regulating authority), then the calculations need to be documented. However, our contention is that a proper independent review should only involve review of the specification and the reviewer should not have access to the original design calculations. A review is not independent if there has been no original intent to specify a structure which is suitable-for-purpose. There has been no original intent to achieve suitability of purpose if the specification does not reference a prescriptive solution (eg. AS1684.2) or there has been no structural design calculations conducted (not necessarily documented).