Workbook for Calculating Dimensions of Steel Framed Building Components

A spreadsheet for calculating the dimensions of a cold-formed steel framed building (shed), typically using gusset plate brackets at the frame connections. It calculates length of members, and spacing of holes based on the overall building dimensions (roof pitch, over all width, eaves height). It also calculates quantities. Includes: Internal clear space Centre line dimensions of […]

Parametric Sketches in a Spreadsheet

A spreadsheet which illustrates various methods of drawing/sketching to assist in illustrating calculations. The main emphasis is on parametric sketching using xy-charts. Contains worksheets for: isometric grid (useful for isometric sketches) hexagonal grid (useful for central place theory) square paper (typical calculation sheet) Testing worksheet cells linked to shapes Rotation of a rectangle Draw gable […]

Wind Load Classification for Manufactured Structural Products

A collection of workbooks for calculating wind loads using AS4055 based on the values from AS1170.2 assigned to the various symbols. Note that whilst AS4055 is referred to as being for residential construction, the intent for the wind classification system was for repetitively manufactured structural products for which it makes no sense, and for which […]

Engine for Structural Design

Collection of spreadsheets (MS Excel), databases (MS Access) and stand alone executables for structural design, primary focus being canopies and carports from cold-formed steel c-sections. The primary structural form being a doubly pitched rigid moment frame with fixed bases: otherwise Kleinlogel frame III as numbered in the steel designers manual. License and Support Free Personal […]

Barrier Design Tool Kit

Collection of spreadsheets and other software tools for design of barriers, including swimming pool fences, balustrades, privacy screens. Notes: Posts typically require 100mm to 150mm embedment when cast-in to a floor slab, whilst anchor bolts typically require a minimum  of 70mm to 100mm. A post fastened to a fascia beam will place torsion in such […]

Workbook Engine LT

Workbook alternative to EngineLT with report printout. The report is a cut down version of that produced by our in-house shed design spreadsheet. A full report includes, member design, connection design and footing design for the portal frame. Along with design of girts and purlins for cladding support, and end wall mullions. Download:

Wind loading – Pressures on Doubly pitched Enclosed Building

Simple stand alone application for calculating wind speeds and pressures on an enclosed doubly pitched building to AS1170. Two versions in the zip file download, original version written in Delphi and the newer version written in Download:   startPreviousStudy Australian Wind Loading CodeNextEnd   ServicesSummary of ProductsNext