Exploded Bill of Materials for Assembly

Price: Free Description: A collection of spreadsheets (MS Excel/VBA) with various approaches for working with bill of materials (BoM) for assemblies. Includes: schBOMStructureTreeStage1.xls bomStructureTreeStage3.xls mrpBOMv2.xls Stage 1. Is a manually written indented Bill of materials , with macros to scan down the list and calculate aggregate quantities. the examples are for a cold-formed steel shed, with […]

Spreadsheet for Drawing Shed Framing Plans

A spreadsheet (Excel/VBA) which generates Acad LT script file to draw framing plans, elevations and typical section for a cold-formed steel shed. The main drawings are created in model space with all the text created in paperspace. Various options available to control how many views are shown on a sheet. The scale of the views […]

Simplified Geographical Information System

An MS Excel spreadsheet for working with geographical data. Map references from the adelaide UBD street directory are converted to Australian Map Grid (AMG) references, and then Acad Lt script generated so that can be plotted in Acad. The example has grid coordinates of shed suppliers (A table was manually created using online yellow pages […]

Abstract Data Structures in VBA

A collection of MS Excel workbooks using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to experiment with abstract data structures. Includes: stacks, queues linked lists binary trees. Download: dataStruct.zip With binary trees used to represent a bill of materials (BoM), with single level BoM’s being used to expand or explode the complete BoM for an assembly PreviousProgrammingNext […]

Spreadsheet Automation Using VBA

A collection of spreadsheets providing simple introduction to office automation using MS Excel and VBA. The focus is reading and writing files, and generating scripts for Acad LT. One of primary programming tasks in engineering design is taking data from one application program and changing for use with another application. Having done that also useful if can […]

Spreadsheet tools for working with DXF files

A collection of spreadsheets with Excel/vba code for working with Acad DXF files. It provides the basic building blocks for finding and extracting entity information from a DXF file. Its typical use has been to either simply extract information, or otherwise modify Acad drawings. Another approach taken has been to extract information and use that […]