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State of Play 2018/wk12

Website been down since attempted to get my SSL certificate renewed about 2 weeks ago. Finally regained access and got rid of the unsafe site notice late Friday afternoon (24/03/2018).  In the meantime transferred websites on wordpress and blogger that I helped my dad setup,  to my own accounts so that I can do something […]

State of Play 2018/wk05

Problematic week. Something simple became complicated and more time consuming than it should have been. Poses an anomaly or paradox with use of software especially spreadsheets. In the first instance my adoption of spreadsheets was to: Improve presentation over hand written calculations Reduce round-off errors on carry through to dependent calculations Reduce transcription errors between […]

State of Play: 2017/wk52

I was taking another look at statistics, and seems I made an error when reading data from wikipedia, which I opted for in preference to Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) because it was easier and faster to read. Instead of getting the population for Yorketown seems I may have  read the post code. So my […]

State of Play: 2017/wk48

I mentioned previously I gave up on the idea of developing Android Apps, the available software requires too much ram, and I had already been using MS Excel to prototype displays, therefore opted for the use of Google sheets for Android Apps. I’m now considering another situation. Mostly I do calculations in MS Excel, and […]

State of Play: 2017/wk45

Drawing in Spreadsheets (MS Excel) Method 1 : Cell Borders and Shading Been looking at increased use of the drawing capability in MS Excel. First I discovered it is possible to set the cell sizes in millimetres or other units of measurement. Though as I suspected from using VBA, such settings are not accurate and […]

State of Play: 2017/wk40

The daily challenge came to an end on day 67. A daily challenge based on researching and reading would have greater staying power, but it doesn’t produce anything visual to communicate activity. All the production occurs inside the human mind, and makes the mind more knowledgeable. Any case back to random and irregular “state of […]

Downloads Temporarily Out Of Action

It was reported today [4/07/2017] that there was no download links available after purchase. I checked this morning using a few different email addresses. I checked two products and discovered the download links in the product definition were missing. I fixed the definition for the spreadsheet bundle only, which fixed the download link problem. When […]

State of Play: 2017/wk09

As mentioned in previous posts my Windows XP laptop computer had problems, first faulty power adapter, which I replaced, and then the backlight for the screen. When I purchased the replacement power adapter I also bought a low cost replacement computer just in case the power adapter didn’t fix the problem. The replacement computer however […]