State of Play 2020/wk14

Where to start. Suppose I should mention coronavirus as everyone else is: so there you go I’ve mentioned it. Protecting Identity Government seems to have lost the plot. Single touch payroll (STP) requires more than a single touch, and is a time wasting exercise. Now Auskey is being replaced by MyGovID. So people need to […]

State of Play 2019/wk22

Put the store back online last weekend. Set fees to zero for those items usually downloaded by students, everything else been grouped in with the services requiring and enquiry. At the moment reluctant to reactivate the store, as been hacked twice this year, which is the first time since creating in 2014. I don’t know […]

State of Play 2019/wk20

Was going to reactivate the store, the idea was to change all products to enquiry only as an interim measure, but website operation far too slow today (16/05/209), and keeps loosing connection, so disabled again. If looking for my spreadsheets then please send an email using the contact page.

State of Play 2019/wk14

So Monday, start of the week. Have two possible projects in the pipeline, one drafting civil works, the other structural design of a shelter. It is becoming seemingly apparent farmers don’t seem to need council approval for farm land (they probably do, just seems they don’t). that is people in the towns seem to have […]

State of Play 2018/wk50

Health Last week of phase 2 heart rehab. Last session thursday (13/12/2018), at the start of next year will start on phase 3 maintenance. So today repeated the 6 minute test, as did at the start of the programme. Showed improvement. Past few sessions also increased time on treadmill from 5 minutes to 15 minutes […]

State of Play 2018/wk48

As at week 48 day (25/11/2018 Sunday). At some point between week 43 and now, experimented with VBA editor objects and extracting data from VBA project. Typically experimenting with VBA techniques to sever structural calculations from MS Excel, starting by shifting some data to database management system (DBMS), and converting worksheet calculations to VBA code. […]

State of Play 2018/wk42

Health So went to see the cardiologist in Wallaroo. Nurse measured weight, height and blood pressure and also took ECG, after which I saw the cardiologist. Dad drove me there from Maitland, mum and dad went shopping whilst I was at the doctors, on the way back they suggested we visit centrelink. So did that. […]

State of Play 2018/wk41

Times passed quickly, though seemed slow, since had the heart attack. When came out of hospital put into a routine of getting an INR (international normalised ratio) check each day to determine adjustments for Warfarin medication. A nurse pricks my finger and draws blood,  a device with a small replaceable card is then used to […]

State of Play 2018/wk34 – Heart Attack

Sunday night, 19th of August, apparently I had  a heart attack. Was transported from Maitland Hospital (SA), by relay of SA Ambulance and Royal Flying Doctor Service to Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)  on monday morning. Had  an angiogram and then a stent inserted, after which I got double vision. Spent most of week in RAH, […]

State of Play 2018/wk28

VBScript Been converting VBScript files from vbs to wsf, so that can use common library files, thus reducing the size of the files: placed the revised wsf files on my sendto menu. Wrote VBScript for generating a series of folders based on calendar sorted into seasons, months, weeks and days, and parts of day: with […]