Software for Suppliers of Manufactured Structural Products

Suppliers of Manufactured structural products (MSP) and manufactured structural building products (MSBP), seem to have desires for software to help them sell their product. However their desires are scuttled by a need for something they call engineering, and a limited understanding of their product. Product Overview A steel section is an MSP, whilst a shed […]

Building a Structural (Engineering) Design eWorkbook – Part 1

Introduction Actually from my viewpoint not engineering because: Engineering takes place at the frontiers of science and technology. It is a high risk activity, based on highly deficient knowledge, with uncertain outcomes. The thing we are concerned with here are established technologies, with an established body of technical knowledge, making planning, design and management based […]

Comparing Calculation Tools

As indicated in previous post I’ve been considering whether to move away from spreadsheets for my calculations. I have previously discussed the use of MathCAD and similar software versus the use of spreadsheets on my personal blog in the post: Electronic Calculations (eCalc’s) . In the previous article my focus was protesting against those who consider […]

Using AutoCAD LT as a simple Geographical Information System

For a simple geographical information system (GIS) not concerned with complex projections of the surface of a sphere onto a 2D surface, nor concerned with features of the landscape such as rivers, lakes, coast lines, mountains, nor with technological features of the built environment such as roads and bridges. The primary requirement is being able to locate a […]

Abstract Data Structures in VBA

A collection of MS Excel workbooks using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to experiment with abstract data structures. Includes: stacks, queues linked lists binary trees. Download: With binary trees used to represent a bill of materials (BoM), with single level BoM’s being used to expand or explode the complete BoM for an assembly PreviousProgrammingNext […]

Spreadsheet Automation Using VBA

A collection of spreadsheets providing simple introduction to office automation using MS Excel and VBA. The focus is reading and writing files, and generating scripts for Acad LT. One of primary programming tasks in engineering design is taking data from one application program and changing for use with another application. Having done that also useful if can […]