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Independent Technical Review

A truly independent technical should not require access to the designers notes and decision making process, and thus should not require any submission of calculations. An independent review should only require access to the specification-of-intent. With a complete specification, it should be possible to send it to the other side of the world and get […]

Example Canopy Design and Documentation: Carports, Verandahs and Pergolas

Typically our involvement with carports, verandahs and pergolas, or more generally canopies, is the supply of structural reports or certification. Both reports and certification involve structural calculations, the difference between the report and certification is that we don’t compile the calculations into a report. Certification is only really appropriate for simple common place structural forms. […]

On Products and Descriptions

The products described on this site represent products primarily of use to manufacturers of structural products (MSP’s). These products can have either a fixed form or a variable form.  A manufacturer/supplier asking for calculations for council for a specific sized building is only appropriate if the product has fixed form and their customer cannot make […]

Product Catalogue versus online Shop

The business has always operated as a consultancy and for the most part still does, consequently our documentation has traditionally been produced to order. It is faster to describe the possible documentation that can be provided than it is to produce such documentation. With respect to providing standard documentation which can be downloaded, additional effort is required […]