TechNote#000 – Index to Technical Notes

INDEX TO TECHNICAL NOTES TN/000 Index to Technical Notes TN/001 Initial Investigation Into The Impact Of The Energy Efficiency Requirements Of Building Codes On Glazed Enclosures TN/002 Simplified Design Method – Design By Comparison TN/003 A Guide To Understanding The Engineering Profession For Manufacturers/Suppliers And Other Users Of Pre-Engineered Solutions TN/004 A Guide To The […]

Digital Products Coming Soon

Intention is to make available technical drawings and engineering (technical) calculations in electronic format, typically Acrobat pdf, some for free and others for a fee. Software will also be available for quick assessment of simple and common structural forms. Part of the objective is to provide resources for DIY and small builders, so that they […]

Certificates of Independent Technical Expert

WARNING: You cannot legitimately get a Certificate of an Independent Technical Expert (Regulation 88), unless you already have engineering/technical calculations or some other form of certification (or documented evidence-of-suitability). Also note that the South Australian Development Application fees typically cover the cost of council sending engineering design out for review and certification by an independent […]

TechNote#006 Internal Pressure Coefficients Industrial/Commercial Buildings

{Strictly speaking this is the first technical note I wrote back in 1996, but didn’t start to present such writings as notes until much later.} AS1170.2 Loading code : “Wind loads” is primarily set up for structures that have a single state-of-nature : permanently open to the atmosphere, or permanently sealed from the atmosphere. Many […]