Certificate of Structural Adequacy – House Strengthening for Attached Canopy

Assessment of strengthening requirements for attaching a canopy (eg. pergola, carport, verandah) to a house structure. This is assessment only, it does not include design and specification of a suitable system, the required inputs for the project are the specification of a suitable system. If the system is not suitable then we will advise the changes to be made to make it suitable. It is this latter aspect which removes our independence and prevents us from issuing a certificate of an independent technical expert.

Required Inputs:

Drawing showing details about the house:

  1. roof pitch
  2. roof planes (ridges, valleys, hips)
  3. wall construction (eg. brick veneer on timber frame, brick veneer on steel frame)
  4. Gable end construction (all brick, or top portion light weight cladding)
  5. Eaves over hang dimension
  6. Gutter width
  7. door and window locations and dimensions
  8. Design Wind class for the house (N1,N2,N3 etc…)
  9. Existing wind tie-down system

The less information given about the house the more assumptions have to be made, that assumption will typically be that the house structure has no reserve capacity to support additional loads and needs to be by passed. One way to by-pass the house structure is to take posts down the face of the  house wall.

Drawing showing strengthening and attachment system

  1. Drawing showing proposed canopy, beams and columns (or load width supported by house)
  2. Canopy fascia beam attachment points
  3. Details of brackets used to attach fascia beam
  4. Strengthening members of house rafters
  5. Additional tie-down system for the house (rafters, top plate, wall stud, bottom plate)
  6. Posts or alternative strengthening for hip corners

Useful references:

  1. Example Canopy Design and Documentation: Carports, Verandahs and Pergolas
  2. Attached Canopies: Carports, Verandahs and Pergolas