Computer Services Maitland, Yorke Peninsula, SA

Price: Is starting fee, enquire to find actual fee.

Provide assistance with installing and setting up software. Office automation, data file conversion, troubleshooting problems.


Past Experience:

  1. Operating Systems: CPM/80, MS DOS, SunOS (Unix), Windows
  2. Word Processors: Wordstar, Wordperfect, MS Word
  3. Spreadsheets: Multiplan, Lotus 123, Quatro Pro (DOS & Windows), MS Excel
  4. Database Management Systems: DBase (II,III,IV), Paradox 3.5 (DOS), MS Access, SQL
  5. Accounting: Quickbooks, MYOB
  6. Technical: AutoCAD, DesignCAD, TurboCAD, Microstran, Multiframe
  7. Internet: IE, Chrome, html, css, blogger, wordpress, twitter, google+,facebook
  8. Programming: Fortran, Pascal, C, VBA,VBScript [, C#,JScript,Java]