Daily Challenge Day 11

Scanned the plane frame analysis section of the book:

Mosley and Spencer (1984), “Microcomputer Applications in Structural Engineering“, MacMillan Press, London

It is the basis of our plane frame analysis program covered by the following:

  1. Console Based (MSDOS) Plane Frame Analysis
  2. Plane Frame Analysis with Graphics (MS DOS)
  3. Plane Frame Analysis: The Front End Version 1
  4. Plane Frame Analysis: The Front End Version 2
  5. Plane Frame Analysis: The Front End Version 4
  6. Plane Frame Analysis: The Back End Version 1

As it stands the version released is only able to run in MS DOS and Windows command prompt upto Windows XP. Though it may run on higher versions of Windows if they are not 64 bit. It does run in FreeDOS under Oracle VM VirtualBox.

I have rewritten the program in VBScript and JScript for use under Windows Scripting Host. Also written in C#, vb.net, Java, and FreeBasic. Then there is an MS Excel add-in version. Additionally written graphic versions in vb.net, and Delphi and Lazarus.

Was considering writing in SciLab, Octave, FreeMat but that seems backward step, as I went out of my way to translate our original Turbo Pascal version from arrays indexed with base 1 to arrays indexed with base 0. The languages also seem cumbersome.

Python is another language looked at, so I may consider translating to this language, and potentially the only other language likely to convert the program to.

It should be noted that the primary purpose of the program is for integration into larger programs used to provide product configurators for manufactured structural products (MSP’s). Such products would include cold-formed steel sheds and canopies (carports, pergolas and verandahs).