Daily Challenge Day 18

So much spinning around my head, as usual.

An email from pinterest had some interesting images with sayings, I liked the one that stated:

Engineering Fact: It is easier to stay awake until 6 am, than to wake up at 6 am.

I’ve never believed in all that business guru rubbish about getting up early. They seem to have no real concept of time. Time is either circular, or it is linear. If it is circular then there is no start and end, and no matter where you start, there is always a point before. If time is linear, then our ancestors got there already and we can never catch up. The early bird can only catch the worm, if and only if the night owl didn’t get there first. Globalisation is irrelevant to the situation, those getting up early were and are just fooling themselves. It is not about when you start the day, but about what you do with the time that you have. Some people can do in one hour that others may require a week to do. And ingenious insight, some have and some don’t have and never will. So getting up early will not give you a head start, if by the end of the day you haven’t solved the problem, that the late riser will solve in their first minute of being awake.

So it’s an amusing saying to state someone has to get up early to catch someone out, but for some people you can never get up early enough. These people are way in front, and  far smarter and faster than anyone else.

So instead of aiming to get up early, simply get up at a time appropriate to the achievement of your objectives. For me it’s working till I find a solution or fall asleep. Which on occasion has meant 36 hours without sleep. In the main though it means late nights, as cool quiet nights are better for solving problems, than hot noisy days. Which tends to mean I’m out off phase with those that want to work between 9:00am and 5:00pm: on the other hand there are more than 8 hours in a day, and more than 5 days in a week. So the other issue is, before considering whether should get up early, consider whether the now standard 38 hour week is really acceptable workload to get things done: whilst such may be acceptable for imposing on others is it acceptable to impose on self or limit self to such short working week.

Anycase back to searching hard disk for some information on barriers and balustrades [Time: 22:44].