Daily Challenge Day 27

So started day as usual checking emails, read some articles on TreeHugger, Yoast, and Flying Solo. Then started modifying and rewriting content of price list page: shifting the price tables to the top, and the background information to the bottom. But then ended up putting some more information at the top again: so still under renovation. I want the tables near the top and the other information at the bottom or on another page. I’m trying to get rid of my wordy stuff, which typically starts by writing 5000 words of waffle and then trimming and trimming again until have around 100 concise words. There after tend to require an additional 5000 words to explain the precision captured in the 100 words. So struggling with the right words and keeping to the specifics of price.

Then before made tea, checked email again, found reply to comment I placed on google+ last night with respect to the software available from alltraders, which got me thinking about what I would like to see. The ideas took me to check out steel beam calculator in the UK once again, to see how they made their service available.

At this point in writing, I went back to checking steel beam calculator, which in turn took me to Newton Associates and on to Chartered Association of Building Engineers. From there onto Jims Building Inspections, and consultants Bill Jordan and Associates, not to mention the Grains Research and Development Corporation, and from there I ended up back at treehugger. I think I got side tracked checking out some keywords to see if the google map I created the other day would show up: it didn’t, and I didn’t expect it to. Then in grabbing the link for Treehugger I ended up reading another article and onwards it went.

So instead of writing about my proposal for online services, I got side tracked reading articles about tiny houses on TreeHugger and watching videos about tiny houses on youtube, along with issues about housing density, and mobility. And as a consequence, time is fast approaching the midnight deadline to post the article today. So will write about the ideas another day as I’m still in the midst of reading articles.