Daily Challenge Day 32

Not much of anything tonight, as I got side tracked looking for some information to include in my writing, thus far 22:56 not been able to find it. I cannot find using google search, nor find it in my bookmarks, may have to go and search my MS Access database.  Though if the web page title has anything to do with the content I am looking for is an another issue, so may not be so easy to find.

Anycase back to searching.

Though before doing that, it has come to my attention whilst searching the web, that may be I ought to significantly expand on my articles on shed design and canopy design. for the most part I wasn’t going to make them to detailed, first because of the time required, and two because other can do it better in the various handbooks I use. On the other hand the shed companies and carport companies wouldn’t know their knee from their elbow. So maybe I will write some posts on shed and carport design, both for those buying sheds/canopies and those just starting out designing sheds/canopies.

As for SEO companies stop mithering me, and do your research before contacting me. To put it bluntly you may know how the search engines work, but you have inadequate knowledge of appropriate subject matter to know what industry I am in, and what keywords I ought to use. So if you didn’t find me on the first page, and scattered throughout the first 10 pages, then you were looking for the wrong thing. More importantly since I am where I expect to be, I have no use of your services.