Daily Challenge Day 48

Almost forgot to write the post, as I got sidetracked rebuilding my timber design spreadsheet. Thus far combined materials worksheets into the design workbook, otherwise modifying the materials tables so that can make use of the other materials. The original workbook only used the pinus and rectangular sections, other materials such as hardwood and round poles not used by the calculator, but used by other calc sheets in other more specific purpose workbooks. My dad set up the original tables, whilst all materials are in a single worksheet with common headers, they do not form a consistent table. To turn into a single table I am adding extra fields, and as a result need to create additional unique names. I could use numerical keys, but that makes dropdown lists in MS Excel cumbersome. Another issue is to change the magnitude of the numbers: I don’t like field values with multipliers, but when I setup the calculator I just went with what I had for speed. {eg. Ixx is [10^6]mm^4 rather than just mm^4, whilst common practice for printed tables it’s not helpful in data bases.}

Another issue is calculation of custom sections. It currently only allows for rectangular sections, and would be beneficial if allows for circular sections. I have other spreadsheets for calculations of section properties and quick check of moment capacities for common shapes and any material, but it would be useful to be able to do full checks to the timber structures code.

So stuff to do!