Daily Challenge Day 49

So modifying the tables to the timber design spreadsheet wasn’t that difficult, but then I kept it simple. The alternative was to use worksheet queries or multiple named ranges and make use of the “indirect” function and select suitable tables based on material group (pinus,glulam, lvl etc…) and also based on state (seasoned, unseasoned). At present no such options, just one long list. Its one of the areas where MS Access tables are superior to MS Excel, though haven’t tried out Excels new table features.

Spent the day writing scripts for xyplorer, to swap “tabsets”. Then moved onto customising ProgeCAD, I had previously modified my Autocad LT 2000 customisations to ProgeCAD, but a month or so back, a Windows 10 update caused ProgeCAD to start running really slow: so I reinstalled. At the time I didn’t fully reinstall my customisations. I now have the customisations installed and the source files now separated from the original autocad lt source files. There are probably still errors in the files, as editing menu files (mnu,mns,pgp) files and installing is not so simple with ProgeCAD. On the other hand editing menus via the ProgeCAD interface is cumbersome: like keyhole surgery, and is also slow. As a consequence some of my original adaptations to ProgeCAD were lost as I edited the menu using the inbuilt interface. Anycase I believe I now know which files I can export the modified menu’s to so that I can restore the full modifications at some future date if needed.