Daily Challenge Day 61

Been modifying drawings in ProgeCAD. and experiencing hassles with my keyboard, especially shift key which seems to be non-responsive (I’m assuming the problem is my keyboard and not ProgeCAD). Besides frustration of commands being exited, and then having to repeat the whole process several times it is rapidly causing strain to my hand: not to mention slow me down.

Anycase was going fine until needed to elevate the floor of my structure, something which is viable, though may not be wanted. At which point needed to redraw my steps. So started to modify my stair calculator spreadsheet, by adding trial for number of rises, and some additional tests, which check for compatibility with both the BCA/NCC and AS1657. Then added an extra xy-chart to draw the stairs, and along side that added CADD script compatible with Autocad/LT and ProgeCAD. So now I can just copy paste the stairs to ProgeCAD, rather than start drawing once I’ve got the correct goings and rises.