Daily Challenge Day 63

Should have been posted yesterday [17/06/2017], but didn’t happen due to computer problems.

Started yesterday by writing a post on Blogger. Then I was going to make modifications to the website, then decided I would experiment with some changes on the local install first. Also exported the site database for later import to MySQL.

Anycase I went to open an MS Excel file and file assocation wasn’t working correctly, it had got shifted from 2016 to 2003. I attempted to manually fix and wasn’t happening. So I rebooted the computer to discover Windows updates installing. So waited for that to complete, then restarted. It didn’t fix the file association, but tried again to fix manually, with no effect. So eventually repaired office. That fixed the issue.

Also had problems with Chrome user profile error. Fixing that seemed simple enough. Also got an update of CCleaner, I switched off monitoring browser, and also cleaning of thunderbird. As another problem I experienced later in the day was loss of my thunderbird profile. Fixing that seemed like it should be simple as I transferred the profile onto current device in the first place, but process wasn’t working. Eventually late last night fixed the thunderbird profile by copying backup of appropriate prefs.js file. That was fixed.

Other problem was experimenting with MySQL and website database, was having problems getting changes to occur, but seemed to work with phpmyadmin on local site. Discovered the problem today, was searching for incorrect data to change. So part of the problem is that “select” test statements weren’t matching the data in “replace” statements, so data was being found but zero changes made.  So refined the “where” clause in the “update” statement, and changed the data being sought, and eventually got the changes to occur. So after testing in MySQL and then again on local install, went and made changes to the live site. Though didn’t achieve my objective, and still need to retain activation of a particular plug-in.

Today before messing with SQL, I went reading various posts about the tower block, fire in London. As I have already mentioned in previous posts I don’t like multi-storey buildings, and do not consider them to be necessary to achieve high density housing. Strange to think that modern building codes, start as a consequence of the plague in London and great fire of London. Primary consideration being circulation: of air and people. Little point having circulation on the outside of buildings, if have no circulation on the inside of the building.