Daily Challenge Day 7

Part tracked down the issue with the BAS statement as mentioned yesterday, it concerned a refund on a purchase. Whilst its showing as I expect in the profit and loss statement, it isn’t showing as I expect in the tax liability reports: the refund seems to be being ignored.

One problem at the moment is don’t have BAS agent/accountant turning up once a quarter and spending 30 minutes checking the accounts, and correctly distributing between accounts. When we moved here to Maitland, we had a timing problem, making my computer available for remote access by the BAS agent. Since there was a downturn in income, and accounts were typically correct, didn’t seem any point looking for someone local: assuming such is possible in anycase. We may have to get someone to review the accounts as things start to pick up again. Quickbooks online may be a solution to providing remote access, as I won’t need to make my computer available. On the other hand, annual subscription seems expensive, and being in the cloud doesn’t seem all that secure. For that matter data is already locked and trapped in past versions of quickbooks. One don’t have a computer can install the old versions on, and secondly there are few options in quickbooks to actually get the accounts data out. Increasingly thinking a simple journal is a better option: with the possibility of such journal being in a format that it can be automatically imported and allocated to suitable accounts in more sophisticated accounting software. I have had a brief look at gnucash, but not a long enough look to consider using it in place of quickbooks. Then there are the other online options such as xero, and freshbooks, and suitability of integrating with wordpress and woocommerce. Though some of the online accounting software have strange pricing which confuse the assessment of their affordability, when have low and uncertain income.

Another problem is the lack of integration of our MS Access project management database with quickbooks. The consequence is duplication of project and client data in quickbooks, then the hassle of attempting to export invoice data into the project database for historical tracking, and statistical analysis. Then there is the hassle of geographical analysis of the data. The original plan was to build an integrated system using Paradox DOS, but then learnt about quickbooks and purchased that as a matter of convenience and lack of hassle when others using.

Anycase need to review the future accounting needs of the business, along with other management information systems.