Design Guide for Attached Canopies

{Will provide notes here concerning the structural assessment of attaching a canopy to a building }

Two basic forms:

  1. Canopy integral with the building and constructed at the same time as the building
  2. Canopy is a “tacked on after thought”, which is attached to the building after the building has been constructed.

For residential buildings the most common approach is as a “tacked on after thought”. Attaching a canopy after the building is constructed is problematic because the support structure at the house which would be hidden in the walls, now has to be in front of the walls and people tend not to want such structure.

Unfortunately the house is seldom strong enough in its own right and it requires strengthening. Installing strengthening is a lot more cumbersome to install than placing a support structure in front of the house wall.

… More to come ….


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