Design Guide: Timber Canopies, carports, pergolas and verandahs




Design guide complements the specification for canopies. It contains Microstran analysis results for spans of 3.6m, 4.8m, 6.0m, 7.2m, and 8.4m. Curve fitting techniques were then applied to the results to generate tables extending from zero to 9.6m The extrapolated values should not be used with out further calculation. Additional tables are included for selecting different timbers for roof battens, along with various column/post spacing and associated footings and fascia beams.

It extends on the Timber Development Association (TDA) Construction and Design Guide for Carports, Pergolas and Verandahs, which has a maximum span of 4.2m, with the rafters at 1200mm spacing. If seeking development approval then the TDA guide will generally lead to faster approvals, as it is typically held by councils and considered an approved document. {We are not associated with the TDA}

Individuals seeking development approval will need to get their project documentation certified, by obtaining a Certificate of Structural Adequacy.


Is a pdf file contained in a zip file. It is scanned from our original master printout, and then edited to replace sheet headers with our current contact details. The document is released under a creative commons attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives license.


The document is a read/print pdf file. As the authors of the document we hold the copyright and choose to release under a creative commons attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives license. Subscribers/Licensees are thus free to share the document with their friends, however such friends will not receive nor have access to updates, nor will they have access to support. Support is by email, and comprises of clarification of meaning.  {NB: If want us to specify and be responsible for the size of structural sections for your canopy, then you will need to supply us with drawings and pay for the services associated with a certificate of structural adequacy.}


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