Detailing Sheet for Girts and Purlins

Spreadsheet for detailing hole punching for girts and purlins (c-sections). It is mainly set up for portal frame cold-formed steel sheds. It contains worksheets for:

  1. rafters
  2. columns
  3. mullions
  4. door framing

No sheets are included for girts/purlins as mainly use top hats, and these don’t need punching, they just need supplying to the correct length.  But easy enough to add extra sheets. The profile shown is the Fielders DHS section: this can be customised by the user.

The spreadsheet has macros which allow the data blocks to be selected and then written to an Acad LT script file(.scr), so that the data can be written at the bottom of detail drawings.

Never actually submitted the spreadsheets. Its main purpose was to aid production of CAD drawings, and  check and rationalise dimensions. When items are dimensioned in CAD the individual dimensions don’t always add up to the overall dimension. The spreadsheet assists with assigning the round off error to the desired dimension.  It is an example of loop equations and accumulative sums.

It was also created with the potential of having the whole shed automatically designed and documented in a spreadsheet.

Download: schHolePunching.xls

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