DIY Carports, Verandahs, Pergolas and Patios

Got sketches of your proposal, but don’t have the appropriate publications to lookup and reference, then we can review your sketches, check if within the scope of the publications. Publications we have include:

  1. Timber framing code AS1684.2
  2. Timber Development Association (TDA) Construction and Design Guide for Carports, Pergolas and Verandahs
  3. Various Manufacturers Catalogues for steel carports, verandahs, pergolas and patios.

Contact us First to check if we can help. We will then provide a more direct email address which can be used to provide us with digital versions of your sketches. (png, jpg, pdf, xls, doc). {If you are in Maitland we can scan hand drawn sketches to png, jpg and pdf files.}

We will print the digital sketches to a pdf file and add review notes.