Downloads Temporarily Out Of Action

It was reported today [4/07/2017] that there was no download links available after purchase. I checked this morning using a few different email addresses. I checked two products and discovered the download links in the product definition were missing. I fixed the definition for the spreadsheet bundle only, which fixed the download link problem. When things are working, after purchase the order should display a download link just below each product name, and the notification email should also contain download links.

In last few weeks or so at least two woocommerce updates have involved a database update. Not sure if this is the cause of the problem, but downloads no longer appear to be linked to products. The database seems to be aware of files attached to products, but those files are no longer listed in the product’s list of download files. That is there seems to have been a two way association, and that has been broken, leaving only a one way association.

It is going to take a few days, to manually input all the file links.


Seems like it is going to be really slow and cumbersome process.

Also attempted to find the sql tables where the data is stored and discovered that another possible cause of the problem maybe changes and impending changes to my web hosting. Seems there is some encoding of the links, and this doesn’t carry over to new servers.