Exploded Bill of Materials for Assembly

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A collection of spreadsheets (MS Excel/VBA) with various approaches for working with bill of materials (BoM) for assemblies.


  1. schBOMStructureTreeStage1.xls
  2. bomStructureTreeStage3.xls
  3. mrpBOMv2.xls

Stage 1. Is a manually written indented Bill of materials , with macros to scan down the list and calculate aggregate quantities. the examples are for a cold-formed steel shed, with some abstract components creating kits or packages of parts which belong together. The approach taken is that the product structure for a cold-formed steel shed should place a focus on the portal frames, and not simply refer to a collection of columns and rafters.

Stage 3. Has one worksheet for items and another for assembly definitions. It can then automatically explode a selected assembly and write the exploded BoM, with aggregate quantities.

mrpBoM: Uses one workbook for materials, another for assembly definitions, and one for the driver application. It makes use of dialogue boxes to skip back and forth through the individual sub-assemblies of a larger assembly. Also contains various macros to check the validity of the materials lists and assembly definitions.

Download: BillOfMaterials.zip