How long will the spreadsheets remain gratis?

The spreadsheets will remain gratis whilst they match our uploads to ExcelCalcs.  We may otherwise offer gratis give away’s at the start of the school/university year.

Why is an email address required for free downloads?

The only requirement for libre/gratis, downloadable virtual products is an email address. Assistance will only be provided to persons whose email is recognised and associated with the products for which they want assistance. To put it another way: If you downloaded the spreadsheets from ExcelCalcs then ask questions in the ExcelCalcs forum. If you got the spreadsheets from your friend then ask your friend for help: their version of the spreadsheet may be different from ours. If want to ask us for help, then download the current version of the spreadsheets from the MiScion Pty Ltd web store, by providing your email address, and then make your request using the same email address. If you don’t mither us with emails we won’t mither you, so if expect help provide a real email.


Software is copyright and provided under license. The license is perpetual. One license is required for each email address wish to use to receive assistance.


Subscription is for 1 week, 1 month or 1 year. It provides access to download the digital product, and updates of product for the duration of the subscription. Assistance and trouble shooting with respect to the use of the product is also available during the duration of the subscription.


I do not believe it was the intent of the GPL, or of creative commons licenses to give digital products away. Unfortunately whilst the GPL refers to software, it requires the license details to be added to the source code. Once the source code is released, which represents the real work of the software developers, then the possibility of selling the software starts to diminish. Clearly developers don’t want their effort to go unrewarded, and they need to make a living. At the very minimum they would expect to recover their original development costs, and current distribution costs through the sales of the software. {The GPL doesn’t allow profitable sale of source code}

If software needs to be updated daily, weekly or monthly, even yearly seems too often, then the software is close to being a piece of junk. The concept of making a living from software support doesn’t seem all that viable if the software is actually robust and reliable. However, I would contend that customising software to an end-users specific needs is not support: though it does indicate the software is in some way deficient.

Whilst most of the free software around the internet is developed by communities, not all free software is developed by such communities. When a digital products is not developed by a community, but instead developed by an individual or company then can expect the product will be sold. Whilst the buyers may gain the freedom to copy and share with others: the others don’t gain direct access to updates or assistance. Assistance is generally important if there are no help files, and no user manuals. Given the vast market in user guides, handbooks and textbooks, there is little point expending effort producing a user manual until a need is demonstrated. At such point the end-users  themselves are likely to push software to its limits and write about the software use.

This website is the point of origin for the digital products distributed by this site, and the products are not developed by a community. If the products are never bought from this site, then they can never be wild and free.