General Notes – Structural – Structural Steelwork


  1. All workmanship and materials shall be in accordance with relevant codes.
  2. Fabrication and Erection of all steelwork shall comply with the requirements and tolerances specified in AS4100 Sections 14 & 15.
  3. Details of component parts of each structure are typical only. Where items are not Detailed the contractor or fabricator shall use similar methods to those shown on the drawings.
  4. Steel beams shall be fabricated with the natural camber up.
  5. All shop and field welds shall be continuous fillet uno. The size shall be the lesser of: – 4mm or the thickness of the thinner element joined.
  6.  Fillet welds in material greater than or equal to 3mm thick shall be of General-Purpose (GP) classification uno, 25% shall be visually examined as nominated, in accordance with relevant codes.
  7. Butt welds shall be complete penetration type and shall be Special Purpose (SP) classification. Testing of butt welds shall be carried out by an approved method in accordance with relevant codes.
  8. Bolt designation:
    (a) 4.6/S refer to commercial bolts grade 4.6, tightened using a standard wrench to a snug-tight condition.
    (b) 8.8/S refer to high strength structural bolts of grade 8.8 tightened using a standard wrench to a snug-tight condition.
  9. All bolts shall be 8.8/S uno.
  10. A minimum of 2-M16 8.8/S bolts and an 8mm thick cleat shall be used at each connection uno.
  11. Bolts to purlins and girts shall be M12 4.6/S uno.
  12. Bolts in slotted holes shall be “finger tight” and supplied with lock nuts.
  13. The contractor shall provide all cleats and holes for fixing to steel, timber and other components as required by the engineering and architectural drawings whether or not shown.
  14. Seal weld a 3mm plate to the ends of all hollow sections uno.
  15. All damage to protective coatings as a result of transport, welding or other building operations shall be repaired in accordance with relevant codes as approved.
  16. Grout under base plates, and fill to pockets shall be approved prior to placing and shall be to the thickness shown on the drawings.
  17. Cold-formed steel purlins shall have a minimum coating mass of 350 gm/ ( Z350 ).
  18. Purlins, girts, studwork, etc shall be manufactured from continuously galvanised steel strip, and shall be supplied complete with all fittings. They shall be erected in accordance with the manufacturer’s printed instructions and as indicated on the drawings.
  19. Welds to cold-formed sections or materials less than 3mm thick shall comply with AS4600, Section 5, and be continuous fillet, MIG welds, of a size equal to the thinnest element of the material joined, wire brushed and coated with zinc silicate paint.
  20. All fitments shall be a minimum of 5mm Plate of grade 300MPa uno.
  21. Self-drilling screws shall comply with AS3566.
  22. Surface treatment and coating:

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