Metamorphs: Beyond Structures

Meta/ Beyond Morph/ Form or structure: Metamorphs = Beyond Structures. It is the name registered in 1996, and been placed on all the MS Excel spreadsheets and other programs I have written for use in-house by Roy Harrison & Associates, since that time.

Variations of most of the spreadsheets can be found at ExcelCalcs. The variation is that the spreadsheets have been cut down, and made more modular. When the spreadsheets started as Quattro Pro Spreadsheets they were relatively modular, however MS Excels auto update of drive names made it inconvenient to retain the modular format, and so spreadsheets specific to a given structural product were created. The down side of this is that certain aspects of the design like wind loading, if revised, then have to revise across multiple structural product spreadsheets. Though the vast majority of the calculation effort is embodied in visual basic for applications (VBA) macros. So that there is one central library spreadsheet referenced by all other spreadsheets.