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Knee Plates

Knee Plate Test

Roof Cladding Test

Tie Down Anchor Pull Out Test

Cold-formed Steel Parallel Chord Truss

Steel Reinforcement

Sail Shade Model

Cold-formed Steel Portal Frame Shed

Double Span Cold-Formed Steel Shed

Cold-formed Steel Wall During Construction

Cold-formed Steel Shed With Parallel Chord Roof Trusses

Narrow houses and Tiny Houses

As I have mentioned previously humans have legs and are meant to be mobile, such mobility provides us with advantages over plants which are anchored to the ground. In the daily challenge posts, I indicated that maybe cities should be designed to allow 60% of the...

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Downloads Temporarily Out Of Action

It was reported today [4/07/2017] that there was no download links available after purchase. I checked this morning using a few different email addresses. I checked two products and discovered the download links in the product definition were missing. I fixed the...

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Daily Challenge Day 67

Was going to write more about the breakdown of knowledge into hierarchies, but got involved investigating the structural properties of wood, in particular Canadian Redwood which isn't otherwise mentioned in the Australian Timber Structures code AS1720. Seems to have a...

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Daily Challenge Day 66

"Jack of all trades, master of none" Whilst the above phrase is typically taken negatively, an alternative view would be to consider that the "jack of all trades" is capable of recognising the false master. In the modern world it keeps becoming apparent that the...

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