Parametric Sketches in a Spreadsheet

A spreadsheet which illustrates various methods of drawing/sketching to assist in illustrating calculations. The main emphasis is on parametric sketching using xy-charts.

Contains worksheets for:

  1. isometric grid (useful for isometric sketches)
  2. hexagonal grid (useful for central place theory)
  3. square paper (typical calculation sheet)
  4. Testing worksheet cells linked to shapes
  5. Rotation of a rectangle
  6. Draw gable frame, unsymmetrical
  7. Draw American barn style outline
  8. Draw floor plan and rotate
  9. Draw gusset plate knee connection, with bolt force vectors
  10. centroids of bolt groups, with force vectors
  11. Simple vectors, normal vector
  12.  Resultant displacement vector
  13. Normal vectors, and component vectors
  14. centroid of bolt groups, bars, or other point areas
  15. Collar-tied roof truss (free standing timber canopy)
  16. Brick veneer house section
  17. House floor slab, with edge beam

Download: drawWorkSheet2009.xls